Part 30

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Isn't this fun?

I'm now in a car with Riya. Yeah, she can go to school now. In the car, there was just glares and silence from her.

Thank god, she didn't turn into a brat—well...she's still a brat. Pft!!

Ahem! Anyway, The car stops at the school entrance and Riya gets out first and angrily marches forward.

Hah. This is nice.

I get out of the car and walked inside the school. Lily was not here so I was just putting my stuff in my locker and walking around.

"Ugh..." I whispered as I looked at my bandage wrist.

I should have just took it off.

I walk into class as sat on my assigned chair. Yesterday, my school gave me my homework that I missed out on and I just need to finish the one last question.

Damnit, this bandage is so hard to move!!!!

I whined in my head as I wrote the answer.

Eve who hasn't noticed that Zen was laying back on the wall, right next to the door was staring at her.

He stared at her beautiful lips that was in a smile. The sun shone on body and her hair that made her hair color shine a little brighter.

I put my homework on the teachers desk and notice a shadow at my side. I looked and saw Zen standing there.

'Starting from today, it's day 1...'


I quickly avoid his eye contact and walked back to my seat. Zen who was amused at her red and blushing face, smirked as he knew what she thought about.

I sat back at my seat and prayed that he would not come over here.

Please Satan—oh, I mean god!

Please keep this weird, cold, prince, teasing, smart, person-who-knows-my-secret, rich, smirking, sexy as fuck, tall as a giraffe, handsome as Kim Taehyung, bastard away from innocent me.

(AN: Okay, boo. We got it! We get what you're trying to imply so stop giving them so many titles!!)


But my prayers didn't help at all as I sense his presence in front of my face as I was closing my eyes with my hands like a little girl.

Zen smiles at this cute little action. He wanted to tease this girl more and have this urge to kiss her. 

There was so much time before class even starts. Huuuwuu!!

"Hey, what are you doing?" His usual voice came out of his mouth as he smiled.

I quickly removed my hands and acted the action I did earlier did not exist. I cleared my throat as my blushing went away.

"What about you?" I asked him.

(AN: oh ma ga—)

"I'm here for class. Why? Do you not want my presence here?" He teased as his smile turn into a sexy smirk.


Calm. The. Fuck. Down. You. Betrayer (her heart).

"U-uh, Class is not starting yet. Why don't you go and spend some time with Sean?" I said as I looked at his attractive eyes.

"Sean's not here. He's sick. I hope he stays sick because I don't want to listen to his annoying voice. Besides," he crouched down to my level.

"I rather spend it with you." With a smile, my heart beats.

Blushing is totally on the marathon again.

"N-n-nonsense!! You know, I don't approve you as a b-boyfriend!!!" I blushed while ranting at him with my finger, pointing at him.

Zen who was having so much fun, raised his eyebrows and widen his eyes in shock.

"My, my, my. When did I say I was your boyfriend? When I said that, I meant it as a friend. Starting from today, it's day friends." He snickered in his head but smirked.

I watch him teasing me and having fun. dare he!!! I suffered so much that day!!!

Hmp! I'm going to make you feel bad!!

I brought out my special technique and used it on him.

Zen frowned and suddenly feel startled at the sight.

Eve's eyes suddenly grew watering and her mouth began to demand to move her mouth open so that a sound of crying can go out.


It has begun.


Behind the scenes

AN: oh ma god! I can't believe how many titles you just put on his head! And-what? Bruh. Did I just hear Kim Taehyung? Girl, since when did you become an ARMY?!

Eve: I...uh..I...

AN: She is flustered, everyone! Yeah, that's right! I am talking to y'all! Every one of you!

Lily: *whispers* should I stop her? I think she had too much candy?

Nick: *sigh*

Eve: I...uh..

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