Chapter 1

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Ow...that hurt, that damn Kuma. Where the hell did he fly me off to this time? It better not be that Bowin Island again, god, that place was a pain in the ass - took me months to finally get out of there. The next time I see Bartholomew, I'm gonna kill him for sure. I mean, honestly, is that any way to treat your own sister? Oh well, what's done is done.




But...for now...where am I?

It's all dark and foggy...

I stood up and patted off the dust from my shorts. I looked around my surroundings again to see if I could pin-point something that can give me a clue.

All there was were trees that looked like they were dead. I looked down at the ground and tried to ignore the giant paw shape that was imprinted into the ground. The concrete seemed old and bits of weed were growing from the cracks. Even using the sky, I couldn't tell where I was; it was just filled with ominous dark clouds. I don't think anyone lives here as well; it's too dark and eerie for civilization.

I sighed but decided that I won't find much if I'm staying in one place. I trudged forward and hoped to find something useful. As I walked I thought of a new plan to approach Kuma but came out empty handed.

I groaned out loud and ruffled my black curly hair in frustration. "I can't think of anything with that annoying rustling sound!" I shouted out then froze; I heard a sound. I listened more closely and heard the sound of rustling leaves. Normally I would've assumed it was the wind but there had been no trace of wind since I got to this island.

As soon as I heard the sound of a twig snapping I automatically went into fight mode. I got out my dagger from my boot and held it up in a protective stance, my knees bent. My eyes shifted from side to side, looking into the darkness of the trees. When no other sound was made, I stood up straight and put away my knife.

I sighed and stretched my back. "That's it - I am officially going crazy." I said out loud as I looked up at the sky; as if possible, it got even darker - so I suggested that it was getting pretty late. "Right!" I exclaimed, slapping my fist on my open palm, "Objective for today: find a place to sleep." I said to myself. But I couldn't spot a good place to sleep because of all the trees when an idea came to mind. I started climbing up the nearest tree to me. I was able to swiftly climb up the trunk of the tree with no trouble, and use the branches as if they were ladder steps as I climbed up the rest of the tree as if I was a monkey. Kuma was still pretty young when he first got his power and the furthest he could fly me off to was as high as a tree, so I had to learn how to climb down those trees as his ability got easier to control and he started flying me to higher trees. So I decided to start climbing trees for fun...and training...of course.

As I stood on one of the top branches I held onto the branch that was above me to keep me steady. I can see almost the whole island from up here...stay focused! I shook my head and looked into the distance for any signs of a town. Off in the distance, however, was a giant castle that I was surprised I hadn't noticed it before. Deciding that that was where I was going to sleep I jumped a few branches down so I could jump to the next tree. I know that I wasn't imagining the sounds, so I wasn't about to take any chances by walking on foot.

Soon enough, I was at the castle and it seemed even more intimidating up close. The front of it looked more like a church instead of a castle but it looked too grand for it to be a place of worship. I wonder if anyone of royalty lived here... I shook my head and took a tentative step up the small steps that lead up to the brown double doors.

(A/N: To the side is a picture of what the castle looks like, I can't go into much detail about it as it doesn't appear for very long very often.)

The doors opened with a loud creak and I was greeted by a great gust of cold wind. Once inside, I closed the door behind me. Above my head was a glass chandelier that hung on the ceiling which was about 100 metres away (I'm just exaggerating, but - you know how things are.), covered in cobwebs. Along the walls were sconces which held candles that were already lit. I looked at the one closest to the door and saw that there wasn't much wax running down the candle; someone must have been here before me.

Shaking my head I walked up the grand steps to corridors further up the castle. There must have been over 50 rooms in just the first floor. I decided it would be best to find the nearest bedroom and bathroom so that I won't end up getting lost. As I opened and closed doors, my stomach rumbled but I ignored it; there's no point in finding a kitchen if there's no chance of there being food.

"Aha!" I shouted out when I came across a room which had a simple queen-sized bed and a bathroom right next to it. "It's a bit dusty though..." I commented looking at the bed sheets. I picked them up and started waving it around like a mad woman. That just made it worse and dust went everywhere. I sighed and placed the sheets back on the bed. I jumped on the bed and stared at the ceiling, trying to ignore how uncomfortable the bed is - despite it belonging to royalty.

Thoughts ran through my mind as I thought of the history this castle had. I bet the royal family must have been really strange people to live on an island like this. Then an image came to my mind. I saw a very beautiful woman with flowing blonde hair and big baby blue eyes. I suspected that she was the Queen of this island by the way she held herself and the aura she gave off. She had a gentle smile and her delicate hands held a locket. The locket seemed to be the type of treasure that pirates would love to get their hands on, but have no idea where to look. She smiled towards my direction and gestured to me. Seeing as how I was lying down I was stumped as to how I was going to follow her. But before I could dwell on it more she stood up, her white dress flowing behind her as she gracefully moved towards a door. The door had a cross with a single rose with no stem underneath it - the royal family's crest. Inside the room was a single small cabinet with 3 drawers. From her neck she retrieved a key and inserted it in the top drawer. She then placed the locket inside then the cabinet disappeared. All that was left was the Queen and the door. She pressed the key to the door, in the centre of the cross facing upwards, then disappeared. Somehow the key was now a part of the crest on the door. Then my mind was engulfed in darkness.


I just love OP soooooo much and Dracule Mihawk is such an interesting character, I just couldn't help wanting to write about him and MAKE HIM SHOW EMOTION!!!! HE IS NOW MY MINION AND DOES WHATEVER I COMMAND HIM TO DO >:D

Mihawk: What was that? *glares*


Mihawk: *does the chicken dance* Wha- stop it this instance before I make you regret it.

Me: *gulp* (neva~)

Mihawk: *glares*

Me: *Shrinks back* IM SORRY!!!!! *throws down strings and runs away*

Mihawk: *looks at you* What are you looking at!

You: *shakes head* N-N-Nothing!!! *runs away*

Mihawk: I will kill that girl someday

TT.TT Mihawk wants to kill me!!! Thats both scary and hot at the same time!!!!!

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