Chapter 15 *trigger warning*

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(Crackers POV)
I stared at my phone concentrating on the tumblr posts on my phone while eating my mint tiktaks.
"The fuck is this?" I said out loud looking at a weird picture. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked behind me
"Kitty?" I looked like I've seen a ghost
"Crackers, it's me" I smiled in an anxious way
"Yeah- your right, heheh" I laughed a little
"I need your help killing Milo" kitty smiled happily as she said that
"" I looked back at my phone
"Crackers. I left a full box of tiktaks at milos house. I will show you them if you help kill him" I looked at kitty for a second
"I'm in" I said. I got up, smiling, and ran out of the house.

(Milos POV)
I rested my head on Williams lap. I slept there for awhile. And woke up to William getting off of my bed. I looked at him and smiled. He looked back then smiled too
"Where are you going?" I asked
"Out. I'm gonna get dinner, will you be okay?" I smiled then nodded.
"Yeah... I will" he smiled, then walked out of the room. I heard a car drive off. Then I saw crackers come into my room. I looked at her confused
"Crackers...why are you here?" I asked her. She smiled darkly at me
"You need to go kill yourself milo!" She said in delight. I went quiet, "I mean like, after all you've done, you've made so many mistakes" she came closer to me. I looked down, tears rolling down my cheeks.
"I can't simply see you being alive anymore. Let's put it this way. You're an asshole, dumbass, unintelligent, not gifted person!" She expressed happily, "if you left William would be happy! I would too and everyone else! Imagine you being gone from the existence of people's eyes will make them so much happier!" She shouted happily. I kept on crying. Crackers quickly found that box of tiktaks and left the house. I sat there sobbing.
"WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SUCH AN IDIOT MILO, EVERYDAY!!" I yelled at myself, "WHY ARE YOU FUCKING CRYING TOO, IM A DISGRACE, WHY WOULD I!!" I shoved a pillow in my face and lay on the bed. I sobbed into the pillow as I tried to loose my breaths, but it seemed I couldn't, even if I tried.

William came home, placing the food on the table. He could hear me crying. He walked into my room and his eyes widened.
"M-Milo?! What's wrong!" He ran to me. Taking the pillow out of my face. I sobbed more
"Milo??" I moved away from him, but he came closer and hugged me. He rubbed  my back as he hugged me
"W-William....get away from me. You hate me!" I sobbed loudly. He shook his head
"N-no I don't milo! I love you!" I looked at him.
"Yes you do...." he hugged me very tightly.
"Milo I love you with all my heart. And that's not a lie! Ever since I met you, you've been amazing (except for the one time you said it's okay after I said sorry about killing kitty), but still! You're everything to me and I don't wanna loose you!" I stopped crying. My face was red from crying so much. I still had tears rolling down my cheeks but he wiped them off.  I smiled and he smiled back. He layed next to me and snuggled me tightly. I snuggled him back tightly. He kissed my head where the gash is gently. I shoved my head into his chest.
"You're so adorable my sweet teddy bear" he kissed me softly with me kissing him back. We kissed deeper by the moment as we just hugged eachother. We stopped kissing, I looked at him. He held me close to him, not letting go
"I love you my teddy bear" I blushed, shoving my head back into his chest
"I love you too" I muttered, blushing darker.
"Now let's go eat that food" he let go and smiled, I smiled back and nodded.

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