Chapter 28

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The four lounged on the two beanbags in a small nook in the library, Camilla and Fiona sharing one, and of course, Benji and Jorge sharing one. They talked on and on about things, bonding and sharing interests. It made Benji beyond happy to have actual genuine people surrounding him in that moment. 

"So, Fiona, what are you gonna do once you get back from Finnland?" Benji asked, curious of what her plans were. She frowned a bit, trying to imagine what her life would be like.

"Honestly, I like to imagine I'll find a guy I genuinely love and be able to explore my hobby of writing, but being a princess and my father's daughter, I'll most likely be sent off to an arranged marriage, shackled forever." Her head dipped and she sighed, upsetting herself with the neverending doom of being royal. As rich as their lives were, it could be quite taxing. 

"Hey, I'm sure everything will be okay. You'll get through it, and we'll always be there to pull you away from your boring husband." Camilla said supportively, pulling her arm around Fiona and pulling her into a side hug.  

"What about you?" Fiona asked back to Camilla, wanting to get the spotlight off of herself.

"Well, you guys know I have a boyfriend back home, and I really do love him, but my father isn't very supportive of it since my boyfriend isn't high on the royal 'spectrum'" Her hands went up to form small quotations in the air. "So, I guess we'll see?"

"Fathers, am I right?" The four laughed in unison. After a few more minutes of joking back and forth, Jorge ran to the bathroom quick, leaving Benji with Fiona and Camilla. Something had been on Benji's mind tonight, and he knew he had to get it out. He wanted to really promise Jorge that their relationship wasn't a fling. And he knew just how to do it. 

"Cammy, could I talk to you for a sec? And Fiona, could you stay here and distract Jorge? I can't let him hear anything." The two girls raised their eyebrows and shared a look, but nodded along with Benji's plan. 

Camilla followed him out into the hallway, walking down awaze as to not be audibly heard by the other two. 

"What's this all about?" Her suspicion filled the air, with Camilla's thoughts bouncing all around her brain. 

"Look, I really wanted to promise Jorge that this wasn't some flimsy relationship and that I really want to marry him. And maybe it's stupid because I've only really known him for a month, but I just feel really strongly about this. About him." His hand started to shake, realizing what this all really meant. 

"Okay... and how are you gonna do that?" Although Camilla pretty much knew exactly where this was going.

"I want to get him a promise ring." 

"Awwwee!" She squealed. "That's gonna be so cute! Oh, he'll love it. You weren't thinking of just getting one from the palace's jewelry collection, right? Because I feel like that would be kind of crappy. You should actually buy it, to show how much he means to you." Words were spitting out of her mouth so fast it was hard to audibly understand her. 

"Yeah, but how would I do that? It's not like I can just mosey on out of the palace and purchase one at a corner store." Benji said the obvious. It was true though. His life was quite guarded, both physically and metaphorically. He had only ever been outside of the castle for family trips when he was younger. It got to be a bore staying in the walls.

"Wait. I have an idea." Benji shied away a little, he didn't know what to expect.


"We should sneak out."



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