Harry nodded and let go of my hand, "I'll be in here then."

I scurried down the hallway to get to my bedroom whenever he shut his door, but before I went inside of my bedroom, I stopped at Eloise's room to check on her. The lights were off but the lamp in the hallway across from her bedroom gave me a glimpse of her face so that I could see that she was still asleep, and snoring a little bit. I smiled at the sight of her sleeping so soundly in her small bed, and looking like a doll in it too.

When everything checked out in there, I left her room with the door cracked open, and finally went into my own bedroom. I walked into the bathroom and flipped the light on so that I could start freshening myself up before going back to see Harry, who I assumed was really just intending for us to sleep, but I had to be prepared for anything.

It took roughly five minutes for me to change, wash my face, and brush my teeth, and then after spritzing some perfume on a whim, I was walking towards Harry's room again.

I knocked on the door very softly, and wondered if it was maybe too soft. It took close to a minute before Harry opened it up, "Oh," He said to me before letting me inside, "I thought I heard a knock."

I took a quick look around his bedroom before focusing back in on him as he walked over to his bed, and I followed him but I went to the other side of the bed as him. I've slept in this bed before but now I was really noticing it, and really thinking about how I felt being in here. It didn't freak me out that Ally and Harry might have slept in this bed, but it just felt different being in this bed with Harry, and I couldn't really explain that.

Once we were both in bed and under the covers, Harry turned to look at me and said, "Good night, Olsen."

I smiled, "Good night, Harry."

Then, the room went dark.


"Eloise, which costume do you like better?"

I held up one in each hand, and she stood in front of me to look between them so that she could come to a decision. Halloween was only a little less than two weeks away and she still didn't have a costume, and I really wanted her first Halloween to be all around perfect, so I had to find the perfect costume for her.

Harry was of little to no help since he's started working from home, but to be fair he has tossed out some suggestions, I just tossed them right back out. It was nothing personal really, but it was more of me just obsessing over this one thing that I felt would make or break her first celebration of the holiday. I continuously had to remind myself that it was all going to turn out fine and that Eloise was going to have a blast no matter what costume she wore, but I also kept hoping that the perfect costume would magically appear.

I knew that I was overthinking it, but for some reason I just couldn't stop.

She pointed not to either of the costumes that I had in my hands, but to one that was still on the rack behind me. I turned around and looked at the one that stuck out to her and saw that it was a penguin costume, which made me sigh quietly and ask her, "Oh Ellie, you want to be a penguin?"


I smiled at her attempt, as well as praised her for it by saying, "Wow Eloise, that was very good!" She smiled and jumped up and down to show her excitement, and I added, "Next time, try to pronounce the letter g, and we'll be in business." She was too excited about the costume to even notice what I had said, but that was fine with me. Since it was so close to Halloween, I suppose that I didn't really care enough about all of this or else I would have already had her costume, but I was overall happy with her pick.

After we purchased it in her correct size, we went back to the car and I drove us back to the house. Harry should be finished with work for the day as far as seeing all of his scheduled clients, but I knew that he would remain in his study for at least another hour to type up reports and whatever else. I think that, for the most part anyway, Harry was enjoying being able to spend more time at home despite all of the traffic coming in and out five days a week, but I could tell that he wasn't really fond of answering the front door nearly every two or so hours, and I couldn't blame him.

Melody and I have yet to speak, and I have yet to discuss it with Harry or anyone else. I was still livid about all of it and just thinking about it made me feel so agitated and annoyed, which wasn't at all how I wanted to feel, and that's how I knew that I wasn't ready to address that problem yet. I wasn't able to calm myself down about it, but I needed to give it more time and more rational thought.

Once we arrived back at the house and went inside, Harry appeared from his study with glasses resting comfortably on his face and asked, "Did you find Eloise a costume?"

I nodded my head and pulled it out of the bag to show it off, to which Eloise shouted, "I'm a penwin, daddy!"

Harry nodded his head with a look of approval, "Very nice darling, that's a good choice." After Harry was done observing the costume from afar, he looked down at Eloise and said, "Why don't you go clean up your toys in the living room before dinner, alright?"

Eloise huffed in annoyance, but obeyed anyway, "Okay daddy."

Once she was off into the living roomm, Harry turned towards me and asked, "You want her to be a penguin?"

I shrugged innocently,  "Eloise picked it out, I just went with it."

Harry sighed, "Well, I don't know if it really matters since she's going to get candy anyway." He knew that I cared entirely too much about this to believe that Eloise was just going to be a penguin, but then an idea came to mind.

It was one of my nights off when I found myself skipping through channels as usual, and I saw that a certain movie was on that reminded me of myself on some way, but maybe a bit more PG rated than my reality. A Mary Poppins costume would be easy to put together at the last minute, and if I was going to be going with Eloise on Halloween night, then maybe her penguin costume could actually fulfill my need for her to have a perfect holiday.

I snapped my fingers and said, "I've got it."

Harry furrowed his eyebrows, "What?"

I smiled, "I might have to run to the thrift store and grab a few things, but I think I can make work with the penguin costume she picked out."

He didn't seem to follow, but he agreed to let me go to the thrift store, but on one condition.

"Can we come?"

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