Chapter 4: On The Road Again

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*Third Person POV*


"Oh, my back!"

Y/n back cracked loudly behind him as he flexed his muscles, many of which were sore and tight from not being used for weeks on end. Every time he moved, it seemed like some new bone in his body let out a pop or crack, even bones he didn't know he had.

"You good?" Kyogre called, "Geez, who'd thought you'd be this stiff after sleeping for a few weeks?"

"Didn't you sleep for billions of years?" Glynda asked, "Shouldn't you be used to this?"

"It would appear age has caught up to me somehow," Y/n replied, "A few billion year will do that to you."

"Nope," Kyogre said quickly, standing confdentily, "Just you. I'm still young and beautiful."

"Your also much, much younger than I am, so let's not start pointing fingers at who looks the best for their age."

"Alright old man," Winter said, walking up with a map in hand, "Where are we going first?"

Y/n rolled the map open, and looked at it for a little bit. It was an old map of the kingdom, and had symbols and writing from the many adventurers that had used it previously. Turning the map sideways, upside down, and even flipping over to see the back and holding it up to the sky, Y/n examined a part of the map closely.

"Hey Kyogre," He called, "Does this look familiar to you?"

Pointing at a symbol that was drawn onto a spot on the map, Y/n directed Kyogre's attention to the paper. The geometric figure seemed to have been wrote in at the same time the map had been created. Winter brought up her scroll and pulled out a map of the kingdom, comparing it to the ancient piece of paper.

"There's apparently a town there," She said, looking at the maps together, "The town's old as shit, probably older than the map is."

"Then that's where we're going," Y/n asserted, "That symbol seems too familiar to be a coincidence."

"Alright," Glynda replied, "Then how're we going to get there?"


Winter turned towards the group, pointing a thumb behind her.

"Train, anyone?"

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