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after that fateful night in the forest, the two had a secretive relationship which included Loki teleporting into the halls as Megan passed bearing fresh clothes and he would secretly tug her behind a pillar and they would share kisses. The magic lessons continued and Megan became increasingly better learning how to teleport as well and Frigga had also opted to assist. 

But alas Odin had found out about the ordeal, at first, he was very displeased with the thought but with the help of and major convincing of Frigga, he found himself feeling mediocre about his son's new love choice. The two love birds began to share his chambers and would stay up early hours of the morning reading by the fire in the library to one another.

The two shared their secrets, tricks, and mischief as they played pranks on Thor and the others. Sif had taken a liking to Megan and taught her how to sword fight much to Lokis dismay about the idea of Megan possibly getting hurt. But he would always be there to lightly scold her if she got a cut on her arm which he would bandage up. 

the two roamed the village and Loki became more open and understanding to others, he found himself more cheerful in the presence of others and Megan had spruced up his room by decorating it with white roses which he also took a liking to as they reminded him of her. They both adored one another and it was only a matter of years before Loki popped the question to her.

Of course, she accepted gladly to spend the rest of her life with her lover. Sigyn had been taken back to vanaheim where she had been caught for stealing from men pretending to fall for them only to trick them and take their fortunes. Thankfully she was now locked up in the dungeons far from Megan and Loki and the palace of Asgard.

Megan even taught Loki how to shift easier and the two would gallop as horses through the land or shift into parrots and fly over the palace watching over everything as they shared their strong mind connections. Loki loved her with all his heart for she had fallen for him and he had fallen for her. Not only did looks attract the two but even if Loki was stubborn at heart at first she managed to crack him and get to his center his core emotions and help him to blossom. Thankfully Odin had allowed a medicine of high quality to be sent to Megan's mother upon Loki's request. 

She had gotten better almost instantly and was allowed to tour the palace and was very proud of Megan. Vilo the head maid had been sacked for she had taken punishments too far for the maids and she had gone poor and turned into a beggar on the streets only to be spat on or walked past by.

And that is the story of the Prince and the Maid.

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