The Interview

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" Respect is the
key determinant of
high performance leadership,
how much
people respect you
determines how well
they perform. "
-Brian Tracy

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Navya’s P.O.V:

I dressed up in record time, leaving extra early for my interview. Warm breezes fell through my car’s rolled down window, easing any tension I’d have. I thought I’d be a bunch of anxious nerves, yet my high spirits about this interview as if I knew I was going to get in surprised me. The green light signalled my go and I drove forward entering the city, noting in the surroundings of this place. I’d never to this area; it was located in the heart of the city, bustling with energy, horns, traffic and people. The breezes were almost gone here, it was turning humid and it gave the feeling of a packed area. Living with open neighbourhoods, I felt like I’d easily get lost in the swarm of people on these streets, it was quite the contrast.

My google map beeped saying I was to turn right, it made me anxious; the people here had a mind of their own, crossing the roads as if they were footpaths. How were you supposed to even drive through? Cars horned beside me and my palms were getting sweaty. Maybe it’s the usual, they’d stop walking and we’d be able to go. In the distant I heard the whistles, people started being ushered and walked here and there briskly, the swarm of human slowly disappeared as the traffic police motioned us to drive pass. I sighed in relief, driving further. The lady beeped again saying I was to reach my destination in five hundred metres. It gave me a jolt of anticipation and many other emotions I wasn’t willing to apprehend. I parked my car making sure it was rightly done. It made me chuckle like I’d get scores for parking properly at my interview.

Quickly doing a recheck on my profile, I came out of my car taking in the tall building proudly holding the name ‘TUCCED’ to it in white, while the whole building was covered blue glass tiles. I took in a deep breath mentally preparing for whatever was to come out of it, as I entered I was instantly greeted by cold air of the air conditioners. Consulting the receptionist I took in the lift for the fifth floor out of thirty one floors in the building. As I reached the fifth floor, I saw how it was buzzing in here as well, people walked through and fro as I searched for any sign that would lead me further towards the interview. It was all white tiled with steel like boulders built at some intervals.

“Excuse-moi, ma’am.  Are you here for the interview?” came in the French accent of a lady. I turned around taking in her professional profile, a beige pencil skirt and white blouse. I nodded at her, giving a small smile.

“Name please?” she asks, opening a black file.

“Navya Nazeer, Ms...Delphine” I reply getting a look at her badge. She smiles politely, motioning me to follow her.

“Please wait here, Ms Nazeer. You will be called out for soon.” She says as I settle myself in the waiting area. Two more girls sat opposite to me, and a seat further on my left sat a lean guy, bend pressing his temples. I assumed he probably had a headache. The other two had an alienated aura to themselves, busy in the magazines. I followed their thread picking one and doing the same. One of them glanced up nodding in acknowledgement before going back to the magazine. They made me want to run away this instant, but I sat on my spot. Silently comparing my attire with them, It was quite a contrast, they spoke of business while me, I had no idea. I certainly didn’t overdo but I wasn’t professional looking either. I huffed internally it was no use, I was already here and the interview was going be done in this attire itself.

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