I'm sorry about last night

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I mustered up all the courage I could do head off to the library the next morning for I knew he planned to study something. I had fixed his sheets and restacked his books on his side table and I twidled my fingers nervously. I hated how blunt I had been with him that night and I wanted to apologize for upsetting him. 

So with that in mind, I descended down the halls toward the library but I bumped into the queen! "I am so sorry my queen" I apologized profusely quickly bowing "there is no need for the formalities dear, please you may address me as Frigga" she said kindly and my eyes widened slightly as I nodded. "where are you off to?" she asked and I stuttered out my answer "p-prince Loki, queen Frigga" i said and she smirked and I noted how it looked very similar to Lokis. 

"I see how you look at him" she said warmly and I stiffened, what would she think of us? "there is no need to be afraid my dear, your secret is safe with me I give you my word" she said kindly and I breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Thank you so much Queen Frigga, I am forever in your debt" i said "nonsense, you have my permission" she said with a smile and I felt my cheeks heat at the mere thought of marriage. "t-that will not be nessicary queen Frigga" I stuttered out and she smiled warmly "sure it won't" she said sarcastically with a light laugh. 

"The library is down this hall to the left" she added as she descended gracefully the other way leaving my mouth slightly agape as I took in her words. But I followed her instructions and descended to the library. 

Upon opening the door softly I noticed Loki standing in the center back facing to me, I assumed he would be deep in thought about something but he sensed my presence. Without even a glance toward me he spoke "I have decided to stop the lessons" he said firmly and I felt my heart clench in my chest. "wh-why?" I stuttered out and he didnt even looked at me once. "I have other things to do" he said firmly and coldly and I took a step back "do not return here" he said and i felt tears slipping down my cheeks. 

"y-yes prince Loki" I said gently and I noticed him tense slightly before I descended out of the room back to my chambers.

Loki POV:

oh how I hated this feeling, she had shut me out so i was going to do the same. That was that. except it wasn't, it hurt so much more even when I wasn't facing her to tell her i was not going to continue the lessons. I heard her voice break as she stuttered out the formality of my name and it took every ounce of my will power not to turn around and embrace her and tell her everything would be alright. 

It took me every inch of my soul not to splutter out apologies and not to beg for forgiveness but i held up my cold facade and blocked her out. No matter how much it hurt and constricted my heart I did it. 

of course, I still wanted her here. of course i wanted to continue teaching her but it would be too hard for me to now. Her rejection of my touch made me burn and ache inside. Just as everyone else had done. It tore me down the factor that she had done the same.

I heard the door softly click shut behind me and i began to pace the length of the library "it is not her fault my son" I heard mother speak which startled me out of my thoughts. She had teleported in here and must have been listening in "what do you want mother?" i sneered not in the mood for talking any further. "To tell you that Odin forbids these relationships Loki, you are not at fault here, she is simply tending to her oath with him" Frigga said and Loki sighed. 

I hadn't thought about that. perhaps that was what was happening, she didnt want to get into trouble so she had separated herself from me. It made more sense the more i thought about it and remorse burned through my veins. But I couldn't just take back what i had said to her. It was too late now.

"it is not too late son, the ball is in a week's time from now, I hope you make the right decision" she said before in a shimmer of gold she vanished. I sighed in thought. We will have to wait and see i suppose.

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