Chapter Six: The Nurse

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Violet's POV
I was outside the hall of the hospital. It was night outside and almost everyone was gone. I was leaning at the wall, trying to get rid of my anger that was boiling inside me. I began to walk back and fourth, i groan and kicked the blue lined up chairs that was a few inches away from me.

"Fucking idiot he is," i murmur to myself. I began to hear footsteps behind me at the hall. I turned around and saw a nurse, she held a tray of syringes, the lights were flickering as she made eye contact with me. She wore a mask on that covered her mouth. I began to feel suspicious, my instincts kicking in. Something inside me was telling me that something bad was going to happen.

I assumed that it was just another emotion that i was feeling as i turned away from the nurse. I felt my gut twisting, my palms began to sweat. I sigh and immediately turned around and held onto the nurse's shoulder as i squeezed it. "Whose patient are you assigned to?" I asked, trying to sound calm.

She stayed silent and drift her eyes away from me, "Simon..." She murmur. I gripped onto her shoulder even tighter, "Sorry gal, but he has his own nurse." I stated. "Miss, i thin--" i rolled my eyes and spoke, "If I'm not mistaken, you should atleast have blonde hair and tanned skin."

Her eyes went wide open, making me smirk. I could see the look of panic in her eyes as she made contact with me. She took my arm with her other unoccupied hand and threw it away, "You can't fool me! You were sent by him aren't you?" I scowled at her, she narrowed her gaze at me and didn't answer back as she ran towards me.

I backed away and went to the side and landed on the blue lined up chairs. She looked at me and threw the silver tray and jumped towards me and began to strangle me with both of her hands, making me choke. I put both of my hand in both of her wrist and held on it tightly and wrapped my legs around her waist and swung my head to her forehead, hitting her head with full force with mine.

She let go both of her hands that was strangling my neck as i leaned forward, making her fall backward, away from the blue chairs as i began to punch her face. She fought back, taking locks of my hair and yanking me down. She punched the back of me with her black heels making me cough and roll to the side.

She stood up and went in front of me, she reached for my injured shoulder and began to clench on it tightly, her nails digging through my shoulder that had bullet holes in it. I screamed in pain, making her chuckle.

I looked at my left and saw the silver tray, i began to reach for it. She noticed me and took the silver tray away from me. I looked up at her, the pain in my shoulder began to become unbearable. She took off her mouth mask, revealing her cover. She had a devilish smirk on her face as she raised her silver tray up and beat me in the face multiple times.

I closed my eyes, half unconcious as i heard her get off me. I peeked a little, my eyesight a blur as the world began to darken.

I woke up with an unbearable headache. It felt like someone was playing with a drill inside my head, making me feel agony. I was facing the side, my memory began to flashback. My eyes went wide open as i rose up, feeling a sharp pain in my injured shoulder.

There was still fresh blood running out. I didn't lose anytime as i took out my gun that was inside my skirt, tied to my thigh. I loaded both of my gun and began to twist the doorknob open, but it was locked. "Open this god damn door you bitch!" I yelled as i pointed the gun at the doorknob and pulled the trigger, knocking the doorknob off as i kicked the door open.

I pointed the gun at her, she looked at me and was silent as ever. Her other hand began to move behind her as i pointed the other gun at her other hand. I made eye contact with Simon whose behind her, he layed there unconcious.

"What did you do to him?" I asked, feeling hatred. As expected, she just stayed quiet. "Answer me!" I growled, "I won't." She finally answered back. "Wrong answer, bitch." I pulled the trigger as it shot her shoulder, she gasp and lowered down at the floor, holding onto her shoulder. She growled back at me.

Her guard was down from the other fight we had at the hall, making her muscles still weak. She gave me a fierce look, covering the fact that she was weak. "Oh don't give me that look. I am a trained assassin, i know every expression you have. Can't believe that they sent you, is he actually running out of professional people to send?" I laughed.

"Guess those boring things that we were learning helped," I continued on, her fist tightening. She looked up at me, her eyes darkening. She didn't speak, i aimed at her legs as i held onto the trigger.

"Speak up, or i'll shoot." I said, my eyes not moving an inch away from her. She looked up at me and smirked, "I don't need to be able to stand, i just need to be able to shoot." She spoke as she pulled the trigger that her other hand handled that was behind her back.

I crashed down the floor, my knee bleeding. She stood up and i shot her in her legs as she glared at me and began to exit out of the room. I got up and began to chase after her, my arms feeling exhausted and agony.

I began to shoot her way but only one bullet pierce right through her other shoulder. "Bloody bullets! I'm better off with a fucking sniper!" I sigh irritably, i stopped running as she already disappeared from view.

I sat down at the blue chairs with my gun in hand. I ripped a piece of fabric of my skirt and wrapped it around my knees and began to walk back inside Simon's room, the wall supporting me.

I stared down at him and put my hand to his heart and pulse, making sure that i didn't fight for someone that is already dead. I could still feel his beating heart; making me sigh in relief.

I felt the pounding of my head becoming stronger making me lose sight, the world swallowing me into the darkness as i felt myself blackout and fall on the stoned floor.

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