Chapter 14

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"William, you've gotta stop murdering everyone" I pointed out to William as we looked at the dead body of my mum. He killed someone for the third time
"I'm sorry darl-" I kissed him. He held my waist getting the blood on his hands onto my shirt. We let go of the kiss
"This should really be the last person though William.." He nodded and smiled, patting my head, "now you should really clean up her body.." I noted him
"Yes, I shall~" he obeyed, just dragging her body downstairs. I watched him. I looked at the banging front door.
"Oh..shit..." I muttered, Felix came in.
"MILO!! I HEARD EVERYTHING!!" I stood there
"Felix...why the fuck were you here anyway!" I shouted at him, "god, now you can arrest-" he held me roughly, chaining my hands up behind my back.
"Your coming with me!" He dragged me to the concreted downstairs, where William was. I was struggling to get out of his grip, then he let me go, and looked at William who was stuffing the body into a suit. He looked at Felix and me, he was slightly shocked.
"William Afton huh?" He shrugged, kind of smirking. He grabbed William and held him. You know, trying to cuff him up like he did with me. Honestly, why was he doing the job by himself though. William kicked him away. Felix growled
"Okay your-" I pushed Felix down to the ground. Stepping a foot onto his back. I managed to get out of the cuffs. My foot held him down very well.
"Milo-! What're you doing?!" He shouted, afraid. I pointed the gun he'd also dropped while trying to cuff William.
"I don't know- you take a guess!" I shouted back.
"Mi-milo- n-no, I know you wou-" I shot him in the head, his blood spat onto me. I looked at William, and smiled darkly. He kinda looked shocked but exited at what I did.
"Milo~ you gotta stop killing people~" he said walking over to me and hugging me tightly. I hugged him back
"Okay darling~ I'll stop~" he smirked very darkly, and looked at me.
"Okay- jokes aside- but he's a cop right?" William asked and I nodded, "don't you think his work will notice he's missing?" My eyes widened and nodded. I grabbed the phone that Felix had in his pocket. I started unlocking his phone, then go through his messages as William started to stuff the bodies into the suits. I found his bosses contact and rang him
"Hello?" The Boss answered. William snickered quietly
"Yeah, hello. I'm kind of just quitting the job now. I'm moving houses and I'm going to find new work in the city I'm moving into" I said to the man on the phone, doing the best impression I could of Felix, there was silence for a moment
"Okay Felix. Hope you have good moving process" William snickered more
"Yes I do too. Thank you sir" I replied, then hanged up the phone. Was it really that easy? Awe well. When William was done he walked over to me and kissed me deeply then stopped and looked at me.
"I'll be in the shower~" he noted me. I nodded and smiled. He walked up the stairs. I looked at the animontronic suits. Did he really stuff them all into these?
"Milo..." I heard a faint whisper. I kind of recognised that voice, "Milo...." I heard more whispering of my name. I turned around. I could kinda see a glimpse someone, I turned around again and saw kitty
"'ve finally noticed me.." she whispered then laughed after. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked behind and saw Alex
"You really think you're going to get away from us now?" They disappeared then appeared in front of me
"You know milo, we tried warning you...too bad you didn't listen" I glared
"Go fuck yo-" I fell to the floor and saw both of them standing above me, looking down at me.
"You've got nothing to stop us Milo!" Kitty shouted. I just lay there.
"Honestly why do I ca-" I was suddenly pushed to the wall. I hit my head against the brick wall.
"You'll never escape us Milo! NEVER!!" Kitty shouted at me, appearing at my shoulder. I looked at her.
"Get the fuck away!" I got up but tripped and hit my head hard. I blanked out.

I woke up to hearing
"Milo!" I saw William, "Milo!! Are you okay!?" He shouted. I stared at him. I started to laugh. He looked confused. I laughed harder, rolling onto my side. I huddled myself up into a ball.
"MILO!!" He screamed at me. I stoped, and smiled widely
"I'm perfectly fine!!" I shouted. He doubted what I said.
" should get rest.." he whispered, picking me up gently. I looked at him, trying to get out of his arms
"William! I'm fine!" I shouted. He shook his head
" your not..." I growled, "Milo the back of your head was bleeding and you have a gash on the front of your head" he noted me on, showing me his hand that had blood on it that he held under my head with him still managing to hold me with one hand. He then quickly held me with both arms again. I looked away.
"Im fine though.." I started to get a migraine, "no, no, I take it back, I'm not!" I shoved my head into his chest, he started walking upstairs with him holding me bridal style. He walked to my room and placed me in the bed. I looked at him, he looked sad
"We stop with the killing Okay? It's probably making you stressed and going out of it I promised to stop.." I frowned and nodded. What if he was right? Maybe what I saw earlier was my imagination and I'm stressed about it? But that doesn't explain how I was pushed to the wall and was hurt. I started to have tears in my eyes from the migraine and my thoughts.
"Milo, do you need anything?" I nodded
"Get me headache pills and cuddles from you" He slightly smiled and nodded, walking out of the room. My head really hurt like a bitch from hitting twice, and that's most likely what the migraine is.

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