heartbreak isn't a lovely feeling

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A week had since passed from the midnight stroll in the forest and the attempted apology

The ballroom was full, filled with many dancers. Princes and princesses from other realms all filling the room. Tonight was a celebration of a large defeat in jotuns who had invaded Asgard but were thankfully killed and defeated before too much harm could come to anyone. 

Loki was still cold with me but had warmed up slightly again as we engaged in light conversation before heading into the ballroom, this time he slowed to my pace and offered his arm which I hesitantly took not sure about what to say since that night. "you look more nervous than i" he suddenly spoke up and my cheeks tinted a shade of red, i was, for I had known that this ball was filled with many more than just the average maidens that had come previously. I was going to be before more royals than ever before from all different realms. 

"Perhaps i am" i said trying to be confident "and why would that be?" he said as our footfalls echoed down the halls. "there are going to be many more royals present prince Loki" i said and he bristled at the sound of 'prince Loki' rather than just 'Loki' "i told you to address me as-" but I cut him off. "We are in the presence of others Loki, it would not be wise for others to think us more than a maid and prince" I said in a more hushed tone as we approached the door. "i think you have changed the game considering your hand is linked with my elbow as of now" he said smugly and sure enough I had forgotten to remove it.

I quickly pulled back as he chuckled at my sudden shock, i frowned at him but we neared the golden doors to the ballroom and chatter could be heard through the doors. I took in a deep breath and followed rather behind Loki for nothing to be suspected of. I could see Lokis discomfort already but we approached anyway.

The two guards on either side of the posts pushed open the grand doors to reveal the large ballroom and all eyes fell on us, or rather Loki. Then chatter began again and everyone turned back to face one another as the soft music played in the background. "Brother!" Thor boomed from across the room clutching a goblet filled with mead and he bounded over as I took my place by the wall next to Rosie. 

"I see how you look at him" Rosie whispered as we both stood firm our hands clasped before us mimicking the other maids "i know not of what you speak of" I told her but I didnt drop my eyes from Loki. "uh-huh sure you dont" she said teasingly and I snapped my gaze from him to meet her eyes and I sighed "you know more than anything it is forbidden, Rosie" I said and she nodded once "it is, but who is to say anyone else has to know?" she asked and my eyes widened a fraction.

"Rosie, I told the all-father that maids and Princes arent to be together I could be banished for such thoughts on disobeying this, he does not reciprocate the feelings either" I said hanging my head and fiddling with my fingers. "I think you are trying to convince yourself that he doesnt" she said and I rose my head to look at her and she stared off to the ballroom floor. I followed her gaze and met emerald green eyes before they darted from me and back to another man he was talking to.

I gasped slightly and looked to Rosie who was chuckling "you see, even you are blind to his affections for you" she jested and I fought off a slight giggle. I looked back at him and smiled. Perhaps I had fallen for him, perhaps he had fallen for me. 

But all those blissful thoughts were soon crushed by the presence of a firey red-haired female. She swayed her hips strutting her self toward the raven-haired prince I had come to serve and tapped him on the shoulder seductively whispering in his ear. I noticed him tense for a moment before he turned to face her, I saw him side glance me for a mere moment before he walked over to a nearby table and sat the goblet upon it. She took his hands and pulled him to the dance floor and i felt my heart snapping in two. 

The music played as couples danced around the marble floor, my lungs constricting in my chest as he spun her and she gracefully tapped her feet on the floor. I felt Rosie grab my hand and give it a reassuring squeeze as I watched her pull him into her. Then at that moment, I couldn't take it, she pulled him in and kissed him. 

I felt my heartbreak, crumple and go to the pit of my stomach and felt the tears pour down my face. I pushed through a few people and out of the back entrance and took off.

Loki POV:

Sigyn had asked for a dance and alas I could not refuse because I knew father would want me to pick at the very least one maiden to dance with or he would be shoving me into an arranged marriage. I side glanced Megan and noticed her become tense, I felt my heart constrict at that moment but she pulled me to the dance floor as the music played and I spun her but my thoughts kept drifting to Megan. 

How she would look in a beautiful gown on this floor with me, dancing and spinning laughing in my arms. But the thoughts were ruined as I met the eyes of Sigyn, not Megan. I didnt have much time to think as she spun herself into me then roughly grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me to her lips.

I pulled back instantly with a face of disgust, this was far from what I wanted. She was saying something to me and he brows furrowed but I muffled everything out and looked to where Megan once was. I noticed she was no longer stood there and Rosie looked very concerned her eyes drifting off to the back door. She met my eyes then shook her head and looked away.

what had i done?

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