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A/n: we hit 100 reads! Thank you guys so much! Also, feel free to pm or even comment requests! I'm running out of ideas! Anyhow, here's a little angst one-shot it will probably have a happy ending though.

-Kat 😁


You and Lucifer didn't fight often even in your early stages of dating you had very few fights. Whenever you did have one though it was always over something important and it took a little while for both of you to get over it.

Apparently Lucifer loves fighting because of the "mind blowing makeup sex" his words, not yours you did agree with him though.

Most of your fights were about jealousy, you and Lucifer were very possessive of each other. Lucifer always insists he never gets jealous, just worried but he's totally jealous.


You both just finished at romantic dinner and we're going to go down to lux for a couple hours.

"You ready darling?" Lucifer called from the main room

"Yeah, just putting on shoes!" You hurried out of the bedroom not wanting to keep him waiting. He smiled and wrapped a arm around your waist.

"You look stunning as always love" he whispered in your ear

You blushed "you look pretty good yourself" he chuckled and nipped your ear. You jump and playfully shove him away. The blaring music of lux filled your ears as the elevator opened.

You and Lucifer sit down near the back of the club and the server brings you a round of shots.

A few hours pass by and you and the alcohol is taking its effect on you both. You excuse yourself to go freshen up and Lucifer goes to get more drinks.

You exit the bathroom, looking around for Lucifer and you spot him by the bar surrounded by women. You think nothing of it and are about to go shoo them all away when one of hotter ones pulls Lucifer in for a heated kiss and he makes no move to stop it. It even looks like he's kissing back. You heart sinks and you storm over ripping the two apart.

"You kissed her back! We've been dating for 10 months now! Does that mean anything to you!?" You shout in his face.

"Y/n please, let me explain! It wasn't what it looked like."

"Oh I think it was exactly what it looked like! You got bored and decided to have some fun well I wasn't looking!" Look Y/n, you know my reputation around here. Don't you thinking your over reacting a bit?" He reasoned

"Oh I see now so you were just trying to protect your "reputation" now, what dating me wasn't good enough for your fans!? Goodnight." You walk away and go back up to penthouse.

You take the guest room and lock the door collapsing onto the bed, finally breaking and tear start welling up in your eyes. You sob quietly blocking out everything. You pass out shortly after.

Lucifer's POV

Shortly after Y/n left I decided to just go to bed, my mood ruined. I got up to penthouse and poured myself a drink. I look around and quickly realize that Y/n has locked herself in the guest room, my heart clenches when I hear her small sobs.

I sigh, thinking about my relationship with her and all the great memories we had. I love her so much, I can't just lose her like this. I fall asleep trying to think of ways to make it up to her.

In the morning I get up early to make a nice breakfast for her but when a try to open her door it's unlocked and nobody's there. I sigh she's probably at Chloe's, she often goes there to vent whenever she's upset about something.

I rush over there with a few of her favourite flowers. I knock on the door "detective! Open up!" There's talking background and Chloe opens the door with a annoyed look on her face.

"Y/n doesn't want to see you right now Lucifer."

"I know, I know but please just let me explain what happened and give these flowers" I plead

She rolls her eyes "fine." She goes into the living room for a second and comes back with Y/n trailing behind her, she looks horrible, her eyes are red and puffy and I can still see the tear tracks on her face.

"What do you want Lucifer" she mumbles not meeting my eyes.

"Y/n, I'm so sorry I made you feel this way and you deserve a explanation. "When that girl kissed me I didn't pull away because I was very intoxicated and I was clearly not thinking straight as soon as I saw you I sobered and I felt horribly guilty, you have to know that kiss meant nothing to me." I ramble, my voice breaking

Her eyes soften "R-Really? You're not bored of me?" She asked a small voice

"I could never be bored of you love, do you remember what we did on Saturday" I wiggle my eyebrows. She blushed and laughs.

"You dork" she quips before pulling me in for tight hug. Relief washed over me as I hold her tightly.

"Let's go home shall we? I made you breakfast" I whisper. She nods still nuzzled into my chest. I chuckle and scoop her up bridal style. I mouth a "thank you" to Chloe before carrying my love out my car.

"You ready for some mind blowing make up sex?" She chirps

"You have no idea."

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