The Beginning

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10 years ago Buttercup was a five year old girl wanting nothing but to make her father proud. When Buttercup was 2 years old her mother got in a car accident and passed away so she never really had any memory of her mom. About one year later her father met another lady and married her when Buttercup was four years old. Buttercup did not have any friends but she never really cared about any of that, all she cared about was trying to make her father happy. But no matter what she tried he always seemed to be disappointed in her. But in reality Buttercups father loved his new wife more than he did his daughter, but his new wife didn't care about the young girl at all.

"I can't wait to show daddy my new soccer trick" Buttercup said as she was walking inside her house from playing outside. As Buttercup walked inside the house she ran into her father and step mother who were in the living room talking about something.

"Let just go an-" Buttercups step mother tried to finish her conversation with her husband until Buttercup interrupted. "Daddy come look at my new soccer trick" Buttercup said exited as her step mother looked like she was gonna burst into flames. Buttercups father noticed this and just continued with what he was getting ready to do. "Buttercup we are gonna go by one of my friends work places so you can meet some new friends of your own, and we are gonna be staying there for a while so go pack your things okay" Buttercups father said as she nodded in response and went to do as she was told. "So....... are we really doing this?" Buttercups father asked his wife uneasy. "It's either her, or me" his wife said as he sighed in defeat.

After a while Buttercup had all her things packed and her father put them in the trunk of the car then got in the driver's seat and started driving. "Where are we going daddy?" Buttercup asked curiously. " It's a surprise" her father replied as she giggled. Once they reached there destination Buttercups father looked at his wife unsure about all of this. She looked back angry then he remembered what she said earlier "It's either her, or me" he sighed still uneasy about everything but continued to get Buttercup and all her stuff out of the car and into the building. "What is this place daddy?" Buttercup asked her father. "Just wait and see" he replied.

When they got inside Buttercup saw a lot of other kids. They looked difference ages, some looked like they were about Buttercup's age, while some looked like they were as old as sixteen" Is this an orphanage daddy?" Buttercup asked her father. He chuckled because of his five year old child knowing such a big word and the definition of it. "Close, it's a foster home" he replied to Buttercups question. They got to the counter and Buttercups father asked where her room is. The lady at the counter showed them where Buttercups room is. "Where's your room daddy" Buttercup asked her father. "I cant stay here they don't allow adults here" he replied.

"Buttercup listen" her father said which got Buttercup worried. "Your mom and i-" He tryed to explain something important to Buttercup until she interrupted. "She's not my mom!" Buttercup yelled. "Okay fine but listen we are going out and for a while and we want you to stay here until we come back okay" he said to the small child. "Promise you'll come back daddy" she said. "I promise" her father replied. "Okay then daddy"Buttercup said. her father hugged her and Buttercup immediately hugged back. "Bye kiddo" he said sweetly but a little sad at the same time. "Bye daddy" Buttercup said as she walk to her room and he walk outside to the car.

"Did you do it" Buttercups step mother asked her husband. "Yes....." he replied sounding discourage. "So let's go then" she said irritated. "Right" he then started the car and left the drive way.

10 years later Buttercup is laying on her bed looking at a picture of her and her father when she was three years old before he remarried. Buttercup stared at the picture then hugged the photo "you promised" she said with teary eyes.

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