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The following week mostly consisted of me answering the door every single time one of Harry's clients arrived for their appointment, as well as trying to keep Eloise busy enough so that she wouldn't cause any disruption to the sessions going on inside of Harry's study. Most of the time I was able to do it successfully, but there were moments when Eloise was just too fussy to calm down without making a scene, and in order to avoid embarrassment, I would take her out for a ride in my car around the neighborhood or to the stores again.

At the end of Harry's trial run week with having everyone come here instead of the office, he told me that he would handle everything from answering the door whenever some rang, to escorting them out of the house after their appointment ended. I had only answered the door because I was so used to doing it already, but it was a little inconvenient whenever I was right in the middle of cleaning or putting Eloise down for a nap, so I was relieved to know that Harry would be handling it all from here. I could tell that he was still adjusting to having multiple people coming in and out of his home every day for five days during the week, and not having to get up and get ready to leave the house for the entire day, but he seemed to be pleased with his decision otherwise. I was also pretty happy about his decision as well, not only because I apparently gave him the idea, but also because it meant that he was going to be around a lot more.

That was an adjustment in itself for Eloise and I too, just having him at home all day long instead of the opposite, but in a way it made us feel not so alone. Even if there were strangers coming in and out of the house all day long, it's not as if they were all that strange since they were apparently long time patients of Harry's, but I didn't really bother trying to get to know any of them since none of that was really my business. I'm sure that they felt weird for coming to Harry's home, his personal space and his safe space, but it would eventually become normal for them, and for us, that is if Harry wants to continue doing these in-home sessions in the future.

I was currently going upstairs to get Eloise out of bed after her nap, but when I walked into her bedroom and saw that she was still sound asleep, I quietly backed out of her room and started making my way back down the stairs. As I started making my way down, I glanced up when I saw someone else coming up the stairs, and although I was expecting to see Harry, it ended up not being him at all. I stopped before taking another step and made eye contact with a man who I recalled seeing once before, but couldn't remember exactly where.

He smiled at me, "Hey, I remember you."

I furrowed my eyebrows, "You do?"

He nodded, "Yeah, I think you were at my mate's house, Louis?" It took me a second to recall that night since it felt like it was ages ago, and I guess it kind of was. It eventually hit me that I did remember this guy, but I didn't know his name or anything like that. "I asked you if you knew where the restroom was, remember?"

"Oh right, yeah I think I remember you now." I said, and then cocked my head a little to the side as I asked, "What are you doing here?" I thought that I had met all of Harry's clients, not personally but I had grown used to seeing their faces at least, and I don't remember seeing his at all this week. It was possible that he had been in here before and I just missed him because Harry had started answering the door instead of me, but I still kept pretty vigilant of who was coming in and out of this house every day. It was a safety precaution on Eloise's part, but I knew that Harry would never intentionally put Eloise in any danger on purpose, and that he must trust his clients enough to have them come into his home. Most of them seemed nice, but a few of them were quite reserved for their personal reasons I assume.

He chuckled, "Well I uh, I was looking for the bathroom before my session started with Dr. Styles." I glanced over the railing and looked at the guest bathroom in the hallway, and then back at the man standing in front of me. He was very handsome and that was just a fact, but he still didn't compare to a certain man downstairs, not by a long shot. "I guess I'm just lost."

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