Chapter 2-An Escape

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Chapter 2

An Escape

Royal's POV

I have a bloody headache. The television in the den is too loud, the traffic outside is too loud. The neighbors' music is too loud. The screaming across the room is too loud. I try to ignore it all while staring down at the assignment in front of me. It's difficult though, especially when the words start to blur together. I rub my eyes as the screaming gets louder and I bang my head against the desk.

"It was mine first!" He shouts as I sigh.

"Well now it's mine so bug off, wanker!" She screams back making me quickly get up and rush across the room.

"Excuse me?!" I yell and they both quickly look over with wide eyes. 

"What did you just say, Ellie?"

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"What did you just say, Ellie?"

Her grey eyes widen like saucers as I glare down at her. "I said... wanker."

"And are you allowed to say that?"

"Mum says it all that time," she mumbles as I crouch down to her height.

"I don't care what your mum says, you're too young to be talking like that. Understood?" I raise a brow making her nod solemnly. "Now what are you two fighting about?"

"Roy, she took my tablet!" Jack frowns while pointing at the tablet sitting on Ellie's bed.

"It's not just your tablet! Roy got it for both of us," Ellie argues back as I walk over to grab the tablet from the bottom bunk.

"I told you both that you had to share this tablet. If you can't, I'll take it back. Now are you both finished with your homework?"

Jack nods but Ellie looks away making me sigh. I explain the rules again, they each have an hour on the tablet at a time but only after they've both finished their homework. Jack shows me his completed homework and tells me he went to the loo and Ellie had the tablet when he got back. I hand him back the tablet and he goes to his game as I sit with Ellie who claims to need help with her homework. It takes just ten minutes for her to finish it when I explain what she has to do.

I ruffle her blonde hair and kiss her temple before standing up. With a warning to both of them to stop with the arguments, I walk out of our shared bedroom and head over to the kitchen for a drink. I pass the living room on the way and see mum sitting on the couch breastfeeding.

"Oh, Roy! Can you please get me some water? I can't get up cause Jamie just fell asleep," she smiles at me.

I smile back and nod as I walk away. I grab two glasses from the cupboard and open the tap. Filling the two glasses, I bring one over to mum who thanks me and goes back to watching the television. I look down at my baby brother and smile before telling mum I'm going to the library to finish up my assignments.

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