Chapter 61

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Stunned, neither of them understood how that was even possible. After all the trauma her body had endured, there was no way her pup survived. The Goddess even stated that she couldn't promise the pup would live. The only life guaranteed was Aylin's, despite the fact that it was unclear when she would wake up. 

Still absorbing the news, there were mixed emotions in the room. They were overjoyed; however, confused. 

Quill broke the silence. "Whats with the reaction, you two? You're going to be parents!" 

Looking at each other, they looked back to the doctor. Ezekiel was the one who spoke. "Are you absolutely sure, doctor?" 

"I'm sure, Your Majesty." His resolve was firm, looking the King directly in the eyes. 

Gently clasping Ezekiel's hand, Aylin smiled up at him. "Don't question it. As far as I'm concerned, this is a win for us. A win in a time of so much loss." 

Rubbing her back lovingly, he nodded. "You're right." 

Nuzzling each other, they shared a smile. 

~6 months later~

Carrying a heavy, pregnant belly around was becoming more and more taxing on Aylin. She wanted to help rebuild the pack, but no one would allow her. Ezekiel would always take things from her, and Quill would give her a lecture about how she needed to rest. The only person who seemingly didn't treat her like an invalid was Angus. That gave her some solace. 

"Your Majesty," a voice called from behind her. 

Facing the voice, her eyes set on the Delta. "Yes, Angus. What can I do for you?" 

"Members of the Dark Moon Pack are here to pay respects to the baby." 

"Daemon among them?" 

"Of course." 

They began to walk back to the throne room. "Where is the King?" 

"He's already waiting for you with Beta Quill." 

Waddling her way to the throne room, the King and Beta stood when she entered. Pausing to rub her belly, she huffed out a breath. "This kid is heavy," she joked. Making her way up, both Quill and Angus lent a hand up the two steps so she could sit. 

"I apologize for being late," Aylin said. 

"Nonsense, Your Majesty," Daemon said. "Seems like it takes you a little more time to get anywhere." 

Chuckling under her breath, she rubbed her belly. "That is does. Thank you for being understanding." 

"What brings you here, Alpha Daemon?" 

While he was speaking to Ezekiel, Aylin couldn't help but notice the disability Daemon gained while fighting with them months before. His right femur had been broken and didn't heal correctly because of the way werewolf anatomy is. The healing process begins almost immediately, given proper medical attention. Because of the time lapse, he was unable to recover fully. Once recovered however, he took his rightful place back in the Dark Moon Pack as the alpha. In addition, he met his true second chance mate. When that news reached her, Aylin was happy for him. It was what he deserved after showing such valiance. 

"Aylin?" Ezekiel said, snapping her back to reality. 

"Oh, I'm sorry. Pregnancy brain." She tried to play off the thoughts she was having. 

"Daemon was just saying that they came to pay respects to the baby and to you. They brought some gifts for the baby's nursery." 

Clapping her hands together, Aylin was delighted. "Oh my, goodness. Thank you so much, Alpha Daemon." 

"If I may, Your Majesty," he gave a pointed look to Ezekiel. The King nodded. "We have a surprise for the Queen." 

Cocking her head to the side, Aylin couldn't think of what kind of surprise they would have for her. They had only just arrived, and wouldn't have enough time, or so she thought. 

Helping the Queen off her throne, the lot slowly made their way to the almost finished nursery. It was in an ideal location, one door down from the master bedroom. 

Angus opened the door, and the King and Queen were astonished. The walls were a pale yellow, with pale green stripes. White wood crib, with duck crib sheets. A rocking chair with an ottoman. A large white dresser full of baby clothes, more sheets, and anything else the child would need. As she walked around completely stunned, tears formed in the corners of her eyes. 

"I-I don't even know what to say." 

Ezekiel tenderly wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "We won't forget this Alpha Daemon. You're always welcome in this pack." 

Overwhelmed with emotion, Aylin hugged the alpha as best she could. "Thank you, Daemon," she whispered in his ear. 

After letting Dark Moon Pack stay for dinner, they set off back to home, despite the late hour. Daemon insisted it was because he didn't want the pack to get worried, but Aylin knew it was because he wanted to be with his mate. He didn't want to leave her for too long. 

A feeling she understood all too well. 

Standing in the nursery later that night, she looked out the bay window feeling the baby in her belly kicking. Smiling at the feeling, she felt blessed that she had a loving man, a good pack, and a baby on the way. Never did she think that she would have found herself in this position after her rough start in life. 

Rubbing the part of her belly where the baby kicked, Aylin giggled. "You're strong, like your Daddy. I'm already proud of you." 

Aylin was ready to rule the Royal Outland Silver Blood Pack as long as it took before her pup was ready to take the throne. She was prepared to teach them everything they needed to know in life, and would always love them, no matter what. 

Another chapter in her life was about to begin.

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