chapter 13

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Emerald's POV...

I brought the tray of hot coffee cups to the table surrounded by my sisters and Zachary's brothers. As you guys could guess, I reconciled with my sisters last night but today, a new problem crops up.

That's how it goes doesn't it? Just when you think you are now settled and stable, BOOM, a new constraint appears to force you to move from your temporary state. God, nature's law got to take a break before I end up depressed, dude.

"Coffee was much needed. I couldn't sleep last night and now, the announcement this morning isn't going to let me sleep peacefully for the next two weeks," Vincent sounded worried about the situation at hand and I wonder where Zachary could be right now.

He disappeared from college soon after we got hit with a bucket of ice in the morning in biology class and he isn't even aware we decided to meet at the café we are working at, after college ends.

Now it's around seven thirty at night and I should have been closing the café instead of enjoying coffee with my friends. To think of it, we haven't been able to come up with a solution eventhough we have been tiring our brain cells for the past ten hours.

Camping in a forest for three nights sounds so exciting for students right? Well, not when you are a werewolf and the camps would be set up right in the middle of the forests leading to our pack borders.

I take a place beside Amber taking off my apron, "Does anyone of you know where Zachary is?"

"He must have gone to meet Price," Adam muttered but was right away elbowed by Ian.

"Who is Price?" Crystal demanded fiercely squinting between the three boys. Vincent and Ian growl at Adam.

"Zach is going to whip your ass later on for this Adam," Vincent hissed under his breath but I managed to catch it.

"If you guys are intending to keep secrets, it's not going to work out okay? If you have something going on in your head better voice it out before we pass out from stress," Sapphire's voice was laced with irritation and was louder than usual.

I was quiet. Zachary is the Alpha of our pack. He must be out trying to solve this problem all by himself. I trust him enough to know that he wouldn't let anything happen to me.... well, to us! Wait did I just say I trust him? However, he is still a jerk for not including us. He tries to do it all by himself. He should be able to trust us too. It's a two way thingy man.

"Calm down everyone. As much as I know Zachary, he must be giving all he has to overcome this problem and besides, what we should be doing is thinking of ways to help him. Fighting and Finding out who Price is, isn't the aim right now," I stood up and lashed out my thoughts.

"Are you saying that? Wait, are you Emerald? I am starting to doubt you and Zach are secretly dating," Crystal's eyes widened and I scowl at her ridiculous thought.

Oh puh-lease!

"My relationship with Zachary is not our aim eitheir," I felt heat crept up my cheeks as I grabbed my apron and put it back on.

"Hey guys," Zachary entered and my heart beat started to skyrocket.

"You back from your meeting with Price?" Sapphire perked up from her coffee cup attacking Zachary.

Zachary was composed but I know deep down he must be wanting to beat the hell out of the boys for letting his secret out. Well, I know for a fact that these boys are hiding something and what astonishes me even more is, despite I talked to my sisters regarding this matter they prefer to ignore me and pursue this thing with Zachary.

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