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Pit, pat, pit, pat, pit...

The red sky drizzled crimson on a tall, block of flats. Maybe this was a selective rain just for Shiro. Maybe London's curse was trying to scare Cadell off.

Either way, the vigilante didn't care. Right now, in this very moment, nothing mattered but cleansing.

Not Sara's beautiful hallucinations.

Not his disturbing nightmares.


Cleansing, cleansing, cleansing.

He jogged closer to his prey down an empty street, already hungry for the next life to be saved. This was only the beginning. Shiro was just a sample of the curse and...

Cadell squinted his eyes in detest at a trickle of blood falling down a street gutter.

She was here.

Cadell wasted no time following the trail to a carpark where Lila, who crouched on the roof of an SUV, snapped her head towards him.

The two stared at each other for two seconds and in that short moment, as Cadell watched blood fully stain her combat uniform, he knew both their thoughts were the same.

This ends now, Demon.

All hell broke loose.

Cadell dashed to one side, avoiding a laser beam which scorched the ground as it followed his movements.

She's pathetic, boy. That won't stop you.

Cadell suddenly charged directly at her with a large circular shield and with a free hand, he hurled a projectile.


Lila swore as she tumbled off the SUV.

She instantly rolled on the ground after impact and when Cadell leapt over the vehicle, he was the one now swearing. A purple portal on the ground had missed her by inches.

Lila sprung back to her feet and smiled.

Sparks flew into the air as Lila's gloved fist almost connected with the vigilante's shoulder.

Crackle, Crackle.

What Cadell foolishly thought were oversized gloves were actually electrified gauntlets. Electrified fricking gauntlets.

Was she salty because of their last fight?

Cadell ducked two more vicious hooks, before throwing a punching combination of his own. It was the first thing Mr Shin ever taught him— two quick jabs, one left, one right.

Lila narrowly dodged the first punch, but a right fist caught her chin at the perfect angle. Her head reeled backwards.

Yes, boy. Kill her.

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