017) happy birthday to you.

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ayyy it's a bad bitch birthday perioddd.

i woke up in a gooddd ass mood and i felt good ass hell to be finally grown.

i started my playlist and got in the shower singing and dancing my heart out. once i was out i found a cute fit just to wear until my party which was later on today.

my fit consisted of a black long sleeve tucked into some light washed jeans with some necklaces , my gold hoops plus the smaller ones.

i put my lashes on and lipgloss on with a little slight color to make my lips pop a bit more , then slicked my hair back in a low ponytail. i went downstairs to be greeted with just my dad and little sister.

"happy birthday sissy" my sister amyria smiled giving me a big hug making me smile.

"happy birthday babygirl" my dad said bringing me a plate of breakfast of all my favorites.

"aww thanks you guys thank you" i say acting like i was wiping tears making them laugh as he sat my plate down in front of me.

"so your mom is out running some errands for your party so me and amyria are gonna take youuu..." he trails off looking at amyria.

"SHOPPING!!" she screams making me scrunch my face up cause the girl was right in my damn ear.

"omg mymy thats too much" i groan as she giggles. "but aw im so excited to spend some of my special day with just you guysss" i say taking a big bite of my eggs.

"how sweet" my dad smiles holding his chest.

i laugh and finish my breakfast then we head out.

"wait wait this sun is hitting lemme get a picture real quick" i say as my dad and amyria get in the car.

"hurry up we don't have all day balincá" he says as i pull my phone out and go to camera.

"don't rush perfection" i mumble getting the right angle and snapping a few.

"okayyy im comingg" i say getting in as he starts the car.

i go through all of them and pick one to post on instagram but none of em looked as good so i snap a few in the car.

"wait mymy go to the other side so i can take this real quick" i say looking back at her.

she rolls her eyes making me scoff and unbuckle her seat belt going to the other side.

"thanks" i smile taking a few more then picking one i like the most.

"thanks" i smile taking a few more then picking one i like the most

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balincáazeala: yea im feeling grown already 💅🏽

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