Chapter 5

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Okay, I know I'm a couple of days behind on this update, but I hope you all will enjoy it anyway. This chapter is completely unedited, so if you notice any mistakes please feel free to point them out!! Hope you all like it ^.^

Chapter 5

            The high rise apartment complex Daxton lived in was the only one in the east section of the city and happened to be the most expensive complex in all of Sarias. He’d convinced himself that this had to do with the location of the building. It bordered the line of where the city cut off and turned into the wealthy neighborhoods. The royal palace was also down the road maybe about a mile and if he had more of an interest in government he could walk right to it.

            His father owned this apartment complex. It had been the only time that he’d delved into any type of real estate—besides buying Cavenaugh Tower.

            The reason for the purchase was so that Daxton could live close to his parents and still have some type of independence. Not that that counted because right after the apartment complex cut off, the richer part of town started. That part included mansions and estates were the rich and famous stayed.

            The apartment Daxton stayed in was on the top floor and had been made like two apartments connected into one. As such, he had two kitchens, two living rooms, four bathrooms, and six bedrooms. All for one person. Out of the rooms he utilized the master bedroom, one of the kitchens, two of the bathrooms, and the main living room. The other half, the second floor, had never even been touched. Because really, what was the point?

            Right as his foot hit the living room—which was nothing more than an L-shaped couch, a glass coffee table, and a 72” flat screen TV—his landline rang. Only three people in the whole kingdom had the number to his landline. Two of them he called mom and dad. The third was his fiancée.


            The word still felt awkward and pointless to him. But, speak of the devil, when he picked up the cordless phone to peer at the caller ID it read CAROLYN, MIRAM.

            Apparently, she’d decided to save him the trouble of calling her back. “Hello?” Daxton toed off his shoes, placing the phone in the crook of his shoulder.

            “Daxton, darling. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for the last day and a half.”

            “Really?” He played innocent. “I’m sorry, Carrie. I’ve been really busy these past couple days.”

            “So busy you can’t call your fiancée?”

            “Again, I’m sorry.” He said instead of lying.

            A gentle, exasperated sigh came over the phone. “Well, I supposed you can always make it up to me with a nice dinner.”

            Is that what he was going to do? Probably. He ached for the days when the only person he had to make happy was himself.

            Although there was one girl he would kill to get a smile or a laugh from, and her name sure as hell wasn’t Carrie.

            “Have you decided on a date yet?”

            “Carrie, you know how I feel about this marriage.”

            A loaded sigh came over the phone. “Daxton, you promised me you’d try and make this work. For both of us.”

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