Chapter 56

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"What do you think our baby will look like?" Lance pondered as he placed Georgia back in her carseat.

"I think they'll have your hair." Keith mumbled.

"Do you think they'll be born with hair?"

"With all the heartburn I've been having, yes." Keith replied picking the diaper bag up.

Lance let out a laugh. "Just a few more months."

"To long." Keith said as they walked out the door.

The two headed over to Rosa's house to drop Georgia off. Rosa offered to watch her since she was home alone. Veronica and Ryan were on their Honeymoon. They didn't go to far. About an hour away.

Keith and Lance then headed back up to the hospital to see Hailey and the twins.

"You're back!" Hailey said from the bed.

"I told you we would come back later." Keith smiled.

Hailey smiled back and handed Zoey over to Keith, while Matt handed Lance Kaleb.

The baby, noticing she was no longer in her mother's arms, slowly opened her eyes, leaving Keith breathless.

Zoey's right eye was brown and her left eye was green.

"Wow." Keith whispered as he just stared at the newborn.

"You guys did good." Lance laughed.

"They get their looks from their dad." Matt joked making Hailey send a glare to him.

"No way." Keith said. "Zoey's got her mothers looks for sure."

"Just a few months and we'll be back here." Hailey said. "But it'll be you two in the room."

"Soon." Keith mumbled.


"What do you mean you don't deliver!?" Keith growled into the phone. "You guys are the worse pizza place ever!"

Keith hung up the phone and slammed it on the table.

"Uh babe?" Lance questioned as he walking in the room. "Is everything okay?"

"No! They won't deliver the pizza." Keith complained. "Is that so hard to ask for?!"

"I'll go get it." Lance said giving Keith a peck on the lips and left the house.

"Your dad is the best." Keith smiled as he felt the baby kick. "I have a feeling I know what you are. Your father and I need to talk about names though. I like Joy and Sofia for a girl. Marco, Luis, and Kai for a boy. Marco, Luis and Sofia were the names of your aunt and uncles."

Time past as Keith sat on the couch and just talked.

"Elliott and Elizabeth." Keith said. "Those are the two names I have for you. I'll talk to daddy about though. What do you think?"

Lance walked inside with pizza in hand but stopped as he heard Keith's voice.

"The world will be tough. But we will guide you through it." Keith continued as Lance leaned on the doorway to the living room. "Your big sister will be here with you too."

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