Chapter 20

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I finally got to Korea and ordered an Uber to pick me up from the airport.

I had bought a two-bedroom penthouse because I'm going to live alone so I don't need a bunch of empty rooms.

I got to my apartment and it was really modern and I really like it.

I got to my apartment and it was really modern and I really like it

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I went to my room and started unpacking. This apartment is perfect for me, it is big but not too big and it is my style.

Then I rested up since tomorrow is my first day of work. I'm going to be a manager.

The next morning I ate waffles and got ready for work.

I got in my car that I had bought and drove to work.

The building was huge and I really liked it.

I went in and asked a staff member where I am supposed to go and she told me, "Go to meeting room 305! That's where new employees are supposed to meet." I nodded and went on my way.

I went inside the room and there were a few people there already. I was early since I didn't want to be late on my first day and I didn't really know the traffic in this area.

Then the person who had hired me walked in and started talking.

"Welcome to the biggest hotel corporation in Korea! We have hundreds of hotels all around the country. And we are glad to have hired such hard-working employees! Now let's hear a speech from the CEO, Kim Seokjin!" He said and my jaw dropped.

I got red and put my hand in my face, "Soomin! What are you going to do? Maybe he won't recognize me. Maybe he forgot about me." I thought and I heard footsteps and tried hiding my face so he wouldn't see me.

"Welcome to JinHit! We are glad you choose this corporation to work in. Let's do great on this year! Fighting everyone!" He said.

"Fighting!" Everyone said except me.

Jin noticed and called me, "Ms. Are you okay? Why are you hiding your face and why didn't you say fighting back?" I wanted to die of embarrassment that moment and whispered, "I'm sorry! It won't happen again." Then he moved on and thankfully he didn't make me show my face.

The meeting continued and they talked about the history of the company and what we each have to do and blah blah blah.

I did get a little sleepy because it was boring and the lights were off.

Then I unfortunately went to sleep.

At the end of the meeting I felt someone poke my shoulder and I opened my eyes.

I stretch a little bit until I saw who it was.

Then I quickly stood up and was about to leave when I heard him say.

"Soomin?" I continued walking faster and faster until I felt a hand grab my wrist and drag me to a room. It looked like a janitor's closet.

Then I remembered all those times in high school.

I tried to leave the room but it was locked.

"Uh..... can you open the door?" I said looking down.

"I can't believe it's really you!" Then he hugged me.

"I've missed you!" He said and I didn't want all that to start over again.

I got out of his arms and said, "Let's forget our past and just continue okay? I already moved on from you." I hurt me to say that but I had to.

Then he opened the door and we both left.

Jin's POV

I can't believe I saw Soomin, I haven't forgotten her. And these past years I haven't dated anyone because I still love her and my group had grown a lot bigger so if my fans found out I dated someone they might go crazy and hurt that person.

But now I am free to date and I have eyes on someone. It did hurt a little bit what she had told me but I'm Jin, worldwide handsome, if she had feelings for me once she can have them again. So I am not giving up, you are going to fall in love with me for the second time, Soomin.

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