Part 29

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"E-eh?!! What's wrong!! Does it hurt that bad!!!?"

"Wuu~ L-Lily!!! I-I miss you s-so much!! I-I thought I w-was going to d-die!! Wahhh!!!" I cried out as she sits right next to me and hugs me.

"Okay, okay~ Well, you're alive how right?"


Lily smiles at the cute blonde girl's answer.

"Would you like to eat something?" Lily asks me.

I thought for awhile before answering her question.

"Hm...I want to eat anything that you pick!!!" A cheerful smile spread across me face which made her giggle and leave the room.

After she left the room, I sighed happily with a smile on my face.

Yay! Lily is here! Now those stupid maids won't come here anymore!!!

Then, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in."

The door opened and it revealed...

Eh? Grandpa? What's he doing here?

He comes and sit on the chair right next to me. I look at him. He puts his hands on his lap and looks at me.

"How are you, child? Does it still hurt?" He asks me with a worried expression.

Woah. What's this..???

I smiled, showing my white teeth.

"Eve is good. Eve just need to rest for a few days! Grandpa don't need to be worried about Eve!" I said.

He nods and smiles at my attitude.

"That's good." He said.

There was a few silences.

What are we doing??? What's with this silence? Do we have a connection, grandpa?

"Eve..." his sudden call startled my thoughts and I looked in him.

He pulls out a picture and puts it in my hands. I looked at the stern grandpa, confused before looking into my hands.

Huh??? This is my picture when I was in a business meeting. Whaaa? Bruh. Who are you and why you stalking? Is this your hobby???

Ah, wait. That means he knows I am the boss of Ewin's Box? *slap* of course he does. You're so dumb!

"Ah. I got found out." I said simply and a simple chuckle, trying to calm down in this situation.

Grandpa looked at the blonde girl. He once again, was proud at how she was reacting and smiled.

"Were you stalking your own granddaughter? You could've ask, ya know?" I scratched my head, not caring if he was there. He chuckles at my behavior.

"What's so funny?" I asks, confused.

He chuckles some more before answering.

"Nothing." He said as he looks at me like I'm a jewel as he rocks back and forth like a child.

"Hey, did you just come here just to tell me that?" I asks him, raising a brow.

He immediately shook his head.

"How could you say that?! I also came here to visit you too!!! Are you saying I can't be here!!!" He dramatically said and gripped on my hands.

Somehow, I just saw a chibi grandpa...

I sweatdropped.

"E-eh? No! No, that not what I meant!" I said, frantically.

Right at that moment, Lily comes in with snacks. Lily looks at grandpa in surprise and greets him with bow and the proceeds to do what she was doing.

"Thanks, Lily!" I smiled and ate the snacks.

After the snacks, grandpa and I talked and during that talk, we got casual and got closer. Then, he left.

It was nice talking to you, old pops.

As the day went by, my neck felt stiff and body was tired.

"Hey, why does my neck feel stiff?" I asks Lily as she was dressing me up in my sleepwear.

"Oh my! I forgot to tell you, you missed a week of school. You fell really ill afterwards which made you go into coma...again." Lily sighed.


A week...

I missed a week...

Of school!!!!??



Behind the scenes

AN: Zzzzzzz...zzz

Eve: ...

Zen: sigh...

Nick: ?

Sasha: ...Tch.

Lily: hehe...heh..

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