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penton🤡🙈 sent you a chat !

| hey sorry i didnt really text you yesterday
| i was busy
| but we we're going to the santa monica pier
| ily
| faith
| sorry you're probably sleeping

| sorry i was in the shower
| ily 2 🥺❤️
| also its fine your having fun

avani's story

caption: haha i love him 🤪🥰286,836 👁 6,936 ⇒

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caption: haha i love him 🤪🥰
286,836 👁
6,936 ⇒

avani sent you a chat !

| hey

| hey ?

| you know payton likes me right ?

| good for him ?

| yeah so i suggest you back off

| i- wtf sis do you even understand anything
| payton is my b e s t f r i e n d
| i never liked him any other way
| so hop off will you ?

faith sent you a chat !

| tell your little girl friend to hop of my dick

| ?

| oh shit wrong person
| sorry ignore that

| are you talking about avani ..?

| nothing, w r o n g p e r s o n

| call me .

| why youre at the pier

| so ?

| hang out with your friends

| but i wanna talk to you

| you are right now

| but i wanna hear your voice

| thats a bit c r e e p y

jaydin is calling . . .

" jaden, go hang out with your friends" faith said into the phone

"are you ok ?" jaden asked "you seem mad"

"no , im fine. but please dont waste your time on calling me youre in LA for a week"

"i wanna meet you" jaden said ignoring the fact she told him to leave

"umm... thats not happening , or at least not yet" faith said not really knowing what to say to that, "i still barely know you"

"well im jaden, 18, and i think youre pretty" he said, "theres a little about me"

"hey !" avani said popping up right behind jaden with the fakest smile

"hey ..." faith responded. avani then left from behind jaden.

all of a sudden faith sees to boys play fighting in the sand , assuming it was chase and payton.

"tell them i said hi ,"  she smiled.

"guys faith said hi," jaden said payton immediately standing up and walking to the camera smiling dusting the sand off himself.

"hey faith!" he says , taking the phone from jaden.

she sees avani in the back rolling her eyes

"how was your day ?" he smiles

"good , can lemme see chase ." faith said giggling

"ok , bye love you ." payton said then giving the phone to chase .

"hey little girl ," chase said

"hey, nice nails by the way ,"  faith pointed out as she seen his hands

"thanks ," he said with a smile "ok heres jaden again"

"hey, we got to go but ill text you later," jaden says putting the camera really close to his face since it was loud

"ok , bye." faith says ending the call and laying down on her bed

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