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*Fairytail characteres enter the room*

Me: Hello mages! Welcome to TRUTH OR DARE!

Everyone: ummmmmm...

Me: Today we will be playing an epic game of truth or dare! Each truth you do earns you 5 points and each dare earns you 10. Whoever gets 100 first wins.

Gray: Sooo, what's in it for us?

Me: hehehe. The winneer gets to be the master of their guild for a day! Makarov, Bob, Ooba Babasaama, Goldmine, and Sting have agreed. Also, Sting wants to play, so if he wins, he'll stay master. 

Laxus: What if we don't want to play? I have a job to do you know.

Me: I'll let some people go but.. heeheehee, some have to stay.

*Reedus, Vijeeter, Yuka, Dobengal, Orga, and Rufus leave.*

*Gildarts, Warren, and Nab leave.*

Me: Ok, everyone else is staying.

*A flash of purple light surrounds the large building.*

Me: hehehe

Erza: What was that?

Rogue: A magic circle!

Wendy: I wanna leeeeavve!

*She runs toward the open door but can't get out.*

Freed: Amazing! It's just like my enchantments!

Me: Thank you.

Ren: Guess we have no choice but to play our way out then huh?

Me: Right you are! Also, In addition, there will be two Truth or Dare masters who spin our enormous spinner *gestures* and make the Truth or Dare. How about... Jenny and Mirajane!

Mira: Sure! This sounds fun! hehehe

Jenny: I'll do anything to outdo Mira!

Me: Ok... the games begin!

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