Chapter 1 Part 2 - Peter Pov

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For the past two weeks now my family, mainly Nicolae, has invited a new girl to stay and help out with Lorie. And for exactly two weeks I have been avoiding her.

You see I have bad history and plenty of secrets. Doesn't help that I'm a monster, a vampire to be exact, and those stories never end well. Not for the monster.

Drogo - "Nic's worried about how you have been brooding lately. And you haven't as much as talked to the new girl, it's not like you."

"Nicolae is always worried about something. And me playing is hardly anything new."

I sigh, rolling my eyes internally, at him while I continued playing. I love music. I have been playing ever since I was little. That was a long time ago. I now play mainly to deal with those memories.

Drogo - "She spooks easily but the little one sure has sass. Nic's gonna have his hands full with her."

"Her name is Zeva, not little one. She's pretty and Lorie seems to like her. "

I didn't have to look up from my piano, I knew Drogo well enough to know he was showing me the finger behind my back.

"What do you think your little thing would say to that?"

Drogo - "Fuck off! It's not like that"

I stopped play and turned to face him.

"You are in my room."

I replied coldly, turning my attention back to my verse. Drogo has had his fair of fun with Lories past nannies, nothing serious except one. But that is his and Mayas story. So why did the idea of someone messing with Zeva bug me? I had almost pressed the wrong key when he had mentioned her. And me striking the wrong key is not something that ever happens, ever. Not since... well... I was turned.

That was...

A very different time.

and a very different life.

A life off the living, which I should have never have been a part off. Now, instead, I am stuck in this limbo, cursed to this damned existence for all eternity. There were always days where my past life seems to resurface and haunt me. Reminding me of the despair and betrayal that had been my life. I had never been good enough. There was always someone better.. Someone like...

Drogo - "A little touchy? Or just punishing me?"

"Stay out of my head, Drogo."

Drogo - "Don't need to when I can hear it."

I ignore his sarcasm, there is no way he would have picked up on my slight mistake. And I'd be damned if I am getting suckered into one of his little games, that would involved her. No. I had to stay away from her, as far away as I could.

Up until now there had only been one woman's name that had held any type of power over me. Only one girl, that I had truly cared about, and I hadn't been good enough. I thought I had learned how to deal with her memory, but then Zeva came. Her presence seems to disturb my routine, stirring and muddling my head with things impossible and contradictory. It had even gone so far that I caught myself changing some things, changing classroom or stopping by the cafeteria, just so that I could have en excuse to get a passing glance. always subtle and discreet so that no one would notice. If Victor...

Shaking myself from these dangerous thoughts I try to clear my head, casting myself over my outlet. No matter the decade it was The one constant in my life. The one thing that I could lose myself in. The only thing that I had. The piano.

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