Chapter 16 - Hero

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Jo wakes up from butterfly kisses all over her face, she opens her eyes slightly and sees the man of her dreams staring at her with a loving smile. She smiles back at him and kisses him softly. "Mmm. Morning." "Morning superstar." Jo raises her eyebrows and stretches out slowly. Dart sits up and grabs his phone to show it to her. On his Facebook is a sneak preview of the commercial, she watches it and smiles. It looks good. Mostly Dart in or half out of a suit, but it ends with a few seconds of them kissing. Dart points at the comments and Jo reads through them, noticing a lot of replies by men, wondering who she is. And some women claiming they want to be her. Dart's phone starts beeping and pretty soon Jo's phone buzzes almost constantly. Dart laughs and says: "The sneak preview went live a few minutes ago. And my phone is blowing up with messages." He looks at them and says: "Most of them are about you. Can I tag you in the sneak preview by the way?" Jo nods and says: "Yes, please. I want to take a selfie with you too and add it to my accounts." 

Dart looks at her a bit surprised for a second and then snuggles up besides her, Jo snapping a picture that will make an obvious statement. They are in bed together, under the sheets, not wearing much. Jo decides to wish everyone a good morning with it and tags Dart happily. "Damn Jo, you know all the bimbo's from my page will end up at yours, right?" Jo laughs and shrugs. She feels her phone vibrate and sees it's a call from Jake. "Good morning, big brother." "Good morning little sis. You did it huh? No more hiding? I'm proud of you. How is that blonde idiot treating you?" "Yeah, no more hiding. I'm done with holding back. And that blonde idiot?" Dart raises an eyebrow and dives under the sheets to kiss her feet and Jo giggles, telling Jake he is kissing her feet right now. Jake laughs. "Good. He better. Are you done shooting now?" "Yes, I think so. Haven't talked about it much yet. We collapsed yesterday and slept till this morning. Being a model is damn hard work. I don't know how Dart does it hours on end and is still smiling until the last minute." "You rest Jo, but when you can, come back here. Everyone out here is missing you. I even miss mister sexy there." Jo laughs and promises to rest and then hangs up.

Dart stares at his phone worried, seeing all the replies to Jo's picture on her social media accounts. Those fan girls sure aren't being nice at all. Some of those replies are downright scary. Most of the replies on his accounts are pretty nice though. Most of the guys congratulate him and not with the pictures, but with Jo. He laughs softly and looks over at Jo. Jo reads through the comments under her picture and starts to smile wickedly. "Haha, they are so pissed and confused. They thought they could get to you, with their perfect bodies and hair. And now what? He went for the girl they used to be." Jo laughs louder and Dart stares at her. She looks up at him, still laughing. "What?" Dart chuckles and says: "You still surprise me every day. I was worried about those replies, some are really scary. Those girls are really mean." Jo shrugs, saying: "I am done being scared, especially of girls that are obviously frustrated and kinda dumb. Everyone can see their replies. It makes them look bad, not me. Besides, I am the one in this bed with you." Dart pulls her close for a kiss and whispers: "I love you even more than yesterday." You kisses him back and tells him she loves him more too.

Once they are washed and dressed, they go to the breakfast lounge of the hotel, to eat breakfast there. Jo walks in with her head held high, swaying her hips. She sits down and sips her coffee, still with a wicked smile, listening to the whispers around her and looking at the paparazzi outside. Dart stares at her from the side, chewing on a piece of toast. He takes out his phone and texts Jake: Jo is so confident, it's starting to scare me. We've created a monster. Jo hums as she eats some blueberries, looking completely relaxed. Dart's phone beeps and he looks at the reply from Jake: It has always been there, inside her. And she is 100% sure of your love for her, that kicks the confidence up a notch. Enjoy.

Jo looks at Dart, tilting her head, wondering how he is feeling about it all. "Dart? How are you feeling?" Dart looks at her, a bit surprised, but quickly answers: "I am feeling pretty good. Still a bit amazed at your confidence though." Jo turns to him: "Oh really? It's all your fault. You make me feel like I'm the only woman in the world when I am with you. That might make me a bit arrogant." She thinks for a second. "If it gets too bad, tell me." Dart looks deep into her eyes: "I will. But I don't think that will be necessary. I just need to find a better way to handle it." Jo's eyes open wide. "What do you mean by that?" She sees a slight blush appear on Dart's cheeks and he leans over to her. "Let's just say I won't be able to get up immediately." Jo looks down and laughs softly. He sees the look in her eyes and chokes on a piece of toast. Jo laughs and gets up to get more coffee, still walking around with her head held high. Dart looks around and sees several people are checking her out. An elderly lady stands in front of the coffee machine, trying to figure it out. Jo walks over to her and touches the lady's shoulder lightly, asking her if she needs help with the machine. The lady gives Jo such a relieved smile, that Jo smiles back at her and picks out the coffee she would like. Jo gets her own coffee and carries both cups over to the table where the lady is sitting. "Here you go madame. Have a good breakfast and a good day!" The lady still smiles wide and so does Jo, walking back over to their table. She sits down and Dart looks at her lovingly. "Good to see she is still in there." Jo winks at him and sips her coffee.

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