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             "Alright. So as long as you guys are here, we are like a family. Yes family argues but there will be no harming each other. This movie will be great. I know it. Especially sense we two amazing leads. Alyssa Pierce and Alexander Woods!" One of the two producer's said loud enough for everyone to hear. Me and the other lead actor walked up to the producer to show ourselves. I looked over to who the male lead role was being played by. To my suprise it was the guy who I told off in the plane. You got to be kidding me. Well this is going to be fun. I put on a fake believable smile. As long as he can put his egotistical self aside for the movie. We might have a chance at getting a long. But I had my doubts that he would do that. He didn't seem like the type to. I had a feeling this full year of acting in the movie would be fun. I ment that sarcastically by the way. I sighed. He smiled at me. "Can't wait to work with you." He said shaking my hand. "Me as well." I said with fake enthusiasm. I couldn't deny the attraction to him. But I would ignore it because I had more respect for myself than to allow myself to like him. "You may all go to your trailers and relax. Get to know each other. We will start producing tomorrow morning at six in the morning. Early bird catches the worm. As I always say." The second producer said smiling. We all nodded and went our seperate ways. I went to my trailer and walked in. It was pretty huge, with a bed that looked comfy and a couch near the little kitchen and a bathroom with a shower in it. O have had better but this will do. I promised I would call my mom when I got to my trailer. I always keep my word. I dialed her number and within the first ring, my mother answered. "Alyssa. Me and your father missed you. Hows LA so far?" She asked in her chittery happy voice. My mom is short but has a anger that could scare even the tallest man in the world. An anger that no one wants to test. I got her anger but I didn't get her height. I got my fathers height. "Its good mom." I said. "Thats Great. I expect to see you for Thanksgiving in a few months." My mother said in a tone that ment I couldn't argue. "Of course mom." I said cheerfully. "So do you have a boyfriend get?" My mom asked me hopefully. "No. Not yet. I am too busy too." I said. "Well get one soon. I want some grandbabies." She said. I sighed. "Alright mom." I said. There was a knock on my door. "Well I have to let you go. Someones knocking on the door." I said. "Ok dear. Keep in touch with me alright?" She said. "Of course mom." I said. "Bye." She said. "Bye." I said. Then I hung up. "Come in." I said. The door opened. Fiona came in. "Hey. Do you wanna come to dinner? The whole cast is going to celebrate their arrival here." Fiona asked me. "Sure." I said. Then we headed out after I locked my trailer.

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