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                I was pissed and my ego was kinda bruised. No girl has ever denied me, whether it be sex or a relationship. Not that I have ever been in a relationship long. I didn't like being tied down. But that girl! I felt an attraction to her and ever sense I layed eyes on her, I couldn't get her out of my head. Which pissed me off more. But she also turned me down and bruised my ego. As far as I am concerned she is the person I hate. But I know I will piss her off like she did to me. Revenge will be sweet. I am good at revenge. I smirked. Some girls who were actresses were talking to me, but I wasn't listening to them. I was looking at the girl who just turned me down. The first girl to turn me down. She was laughing at something that girl she was talking to, said. He black hair that went to her waist, with magenta tips that went halfway up her hair that surprisingly looked natural, was swaying with her as she shook her head and smiled. Any man would have to admit, she was hot. With her hair, olive colored skin, dark brown eyes that looked almost black, athletic, curvy body frame, long legs that seemed to stretch on for miles, skinny but thick body, and 5'10 height. She looked like she could be a model. Any guy would be a fool not to want her. But she looked like she wasn't interested in many guys here. Even me. After my Revenge, I will get her in my bed and then let her go, like all the other girls I screwed. "Hey Alexander. Do you think maybe we could spend some time alone?" A blonde and one of the girls that was on me asked. I needed to take my mind off of her. "Sure Kylie." I said. I know that was not her name but I didn't care what her name is. I just wanted to screw her.

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