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"You like me?"Alex asks Emily when they pull away.

"Yeah. I thought I made that clear by kissing you"Emily chuckles nervously.

"I like you too"Alex smiles shyly.

"So uh you wanna go on a date with me?"Emily asks Alex and makes an effort to stand up.

"Right now?"the younger girl asked.

"Yes"Emily smiles and takes Alex's hand in her own. She pulls Alex of the bench. Together they walk out of the park. Emily leads Alex to the beach. They sit down on the sand and look at the sunset.

"Isn't it beautiful?"Emily says as she looks at the sunset.

"Yeah it is"Alex sighs dreamily as she looks at Emily. The other girl looks to the side and see that Alex is looking at her. She smiles shyly and blushes. Alex wraps her arm around Emily's shoulders and kisses her head.

"How long have you liked me?"Emily asks out of nowhere.

Alex hesitates a little. "Since The first time I saw you".

"Really? That long already. Why didn't you say anything?"Emily asks curious and turns to look at Alex.

"Because I thought you were in love with Alisa. I didn't want to get rejected"Alex mumbles and scratches the back of her neck.

"Aw.. you're cute"Emily smiles before leaning in to kiss Alex.

They get interrupted by Emily's phone. She got a message from Jordan saying that the pizza has arrived.

"Hey do you wanna come to my house? We have pizza"Emily asks Alex and grins excitedly.

"Sure"Alex smiles. They both stand up and start walking, hand in hand, to Emily's house.


Emily opens the door and let Alex go in first. She closes the door behind her and kicks off her shoes. They walk into the living room and see Jordan and Olivia watching a movie, while eating pizza. Olivia sits in Jordan's lap and Jordan has one arm around her waist.

"Hey guys"Emily says, making them look at them.

"Oh hey"Olivia smiles at the two girls, while Jordan just half smiles with her mouth full pizza.

"You guys wanna join us. The movie has just began"Olivia asks.

"Sure"Emily says and jumps on the couch next to the couple. Alex also sits down next to Emily. Together the four of them watch the grinch.


Alex grins as she looks at the girl, who's sleeping in her arms. During the movie Emily fell asleep. She hasn't woken up and Alex isn't planning on waking her up soon. The girl looks so peaceful in her sleep.

"You guys look close all of the sudden"Olivia smirks at Alex.

"Well, we kind of confessed our feelings to each other"Alex grins excitedly.

"Really? So are you a couple now?"Olivia asks and leans her back against the sleeping Jordan.

"No, not yet. I wanna ask her"Alex smiles.


"I need your help"

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