Someone Different [Zayn Malik Romance]

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"Yeah, mom, I'm off the plane." I sighed into the phone. "No! Mom! I have to go to baggage claim! I'll talk to you later."

My mom kept talking a million miles a minute about how London looked, but I just hung up the phone and took a breath of relief. Finally, I was in London to stay with my dad for the rest of the summer. When my parents got divorced, mom stayed in California while dad moved to London and got a job as a producer at some management place.

Shoving my phone in my pocket, I looked up just in time to bump into someone who had a coffee cup in their hands. My eyes widened as my stomach was instantly scolded with hot coffee, and a gasp emitted from my lips. Looking at the suspect, I saw the twenty-something year olds' eyes narrow at me before widening and her mouth fell open.

"P-Perrie Edwards, I'm so sorry!" She squeaked, her eyes darting down to my soaked shirt. "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry!"

I looked at her in confusion before just sighing. "It's fine, I'll live."

Smiling at her, I excused myself to the bathroom. When I got in there, I groaned and threw my bag on the counter top as I assessed myself in the mirror. Bright blue orbs looked back at me as I pushed my hair to one side of my shoulder and wet my hands, dabbing them on my light blue tank top.

"I'm in London for two minutes and someone ruins my shirt," I mutter, groaning as I realize that the dark brown stain will never come out.

A stall opens from behind me, but I don't pay attention to who comes out. Instead, I keep scrubbing at my shirt and start to wonder why the hell that girl thought I was named Perrie Edwards. After a minute, I let out a huff, and turned to go to the paper towel station. The other girl in the bathroom mirrored my action, and followed behind me.

I grabbed a paper towel and turned around to see bright blue eyes that looked exactly like my own. They widened, as did mine, and the girl and I gasped at the same time. She looked exactly like me! With my mouth agape, I took a step back, and then leaned forward to assess her facial features. The girl was looking down at my body before back at my face.

"You..." Her voice had a London accent.

I hesitated, "Who are you?"

She blinked. "Who are you?"

"Lela Oswalt," I said, but didn't extend my hand; this was still too weird. "I'm from California, actually. Visiting my dad here for the summer."

"But you look...." Unknown-name traveled off. "Like me."

I made a noise that told her I understood her, but didn't comment. This was just beyond weird. I felt like I was in Monte Carlo, or maybe in The Parent Trap. But this wasn't a movie, and I was standing in front of a girl who looked just as shocked as I did to see the resemblance between us.

Finally, she shook her head, and said, "I'm Perrie, by the way. Perrie Edwards. And I have a proposition to make."

I furrowed my brow. "Some girl thought I was you earlier."

She smiled. "Then this will work out just perfectly. Look, I need you to pretend to be me for a little while."

"You have to be famous or something if people know who you are." I said, and then realized what had propositioned. "Wait, what? Why?"

"I'm a singer, and I really just need to get away. I came here prepared to go to an island to take some time off, but I'm supposed to be here coming back home. I swear I'm not leaving you with a mess you need to clean up or anything... you just have to pose as me for a little while."

I stopped for a second.

Pretend to be a girl I just met?

"No way! What's my dad going to say when he sees me in magazines?!" I asked rhetorically.

It only took five more minutes.

It took five minutes for this girl to convince me to pose as her for the summer, and she told me exactly who she was. She said she was a singer that lived in a fancy house and - get this - she was dating Zayn Malik of One Direction. We made a deal; I'd stay in her house for the summer, get treated like a celebrity, and do absolutely nothing while she was off on an island.

When I asked her why she trusted me with her house, and her cellphone - she made me take it so I knew her schedule - she told me that she could hunt me down in a second if necessary and put me in jail for identity theft. I understood, and I knew I wouldn't do anything wrong. It had only taken five minutes for me to make the craziest decision I've ever made before the real Perrie was on a plane, shipping herself off to an island.

I took a deep breath and put on sun glasses, stepping out of the bathroom - the stain on my shirt long forgotten. As I started walking a little taller and more confidently, people noticed who I was... or who I was pretending to be. I got my bags from baggage claim and looked around before I saw a man in a suit holding up the sign: Edwards.

"Hello," I said, and then coughed and repeated in a British accent: "Hello."

He smiled, taking my bag from me. "Hello, Ms. Edwards. Right this way, the car is waiting to take you back to your home."

I followed him, and looked back at the airport, which was bustling with people. I was leaving this airport as world famous singer Perrie Edwards; not Lela Oswalt. I took a deep breath to calm myself down, and told myself that this was going to be an amazing summer all because I took the risk.

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