46) "A Second Chance?" Ⓡ (For Sierra)

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Sierra's POV:

"Haha! Yeah, I do love him alot!" I cheered, and said to my friend, on phone. She asked me if I was still crazily in love with my boyfriend. Justin is an amazing person. He's a gem of a man. I'm so lucky he's mine! 

I put the phone down, and sat on the couch, as I flipped the channels on the TV. "Boring" "No way" "Eww" "Eeks!" I said, as I continued changing the channels. Suddenly, something caught my eye- "Justin Bieber". I increased the volume and paid attention to what it said. 

"Pop sensation Justin Bieber, had been out of legal trouble for a long time now, but has instead got into relationship issues! The troubled star, was seen going in and out of a local night club, with a bevy of beautiful women. The sources there, say that they were hired to party with him, and one of them left to a hotel with Justin, himself. Is Sierra done with Justin? Is Justin becoming what he was like back in 2014? Stay tuned to watch the rest of the story"

"Maybe its not true. He's working at the studio, thats all. The media has no other business, don't believe it." I whispered to myself. He has been going out every night, but I didn't think he would do this. Maybe they're right? Or maybe not? Oh please. 

I waited for the news to proceed, and even saw the photos. That was when I lost it. That's exactly him, with those beautiful girls he hired to party. I lost my temper, and right on time, he was home. "Hey babe" He said, trying to kiss me. I pushed him off, and said "So, whom have you hired tonight Justin?" in a pissed off tone. 

"What?" He said, with wide eyes. "You heard me! Would you like to hire my sister? Or do you prefer models? Tell me, I can get you what you want! I know!" I yelled at him. "What are we talking about?" He replied, as though he didn't know what it was about. "Yeah right, you think I'm a fool? And I don't know you're partying every single night, and then have girls to sleep with you? I believed you, you asshole! I loved you!" I yelled straight into his face. 

He replied "No wait, please, I'm sorry I-" and I cut him off- "No. Save it. I'm leaving. You can invite them over here, you know? You can try it in every room now!". He was angry, but he was also guilty. Who cares? I don't anymore! "Goodbye!" I whispered, before I stormed off the door. He didn't even stop me.. Which means all of that shit is real. 

I drove home in MY car, which I bought with MY money. I went inside, and shut the door tightly. I fell down the door, crying my heart out. I screamed, and cried at whatever happened. They were right. I shouldn't have dated him at all. I remember when I heard all of this:

"You're risking it. Don't do it, he'll break your heart Sierra.."

"He's famous, and rich, he would definitely leave you one day.."

"Nobody is enough for him, Sierra. Not even goddesses.."

I cried, and cried.. at all that happened. I didn't have anyone to talk to. I didn't have a friend to vent out my feelings. I screamed at the sad walls, in my room, and slapped it. I heard my door bang, and rushed down, hoping it was one of my friends, who could've heard me cry from next door. But when I opened it, I found Justin. I ran to room, as I cried loudly. Like an idiot, I left the door open.

I closed my bedroom door, and locked it. He banged the door and yelled "Sierra, open up, please!" I didn't care. He doesn't love me, then what? He said he would never break my heart. He did. He said he'd never leave me. He did. Now what? I don't even have to live. 

I ran into my bathroom, and found a razor. I quickly took a glance at my wrist, and placed it on it. I was going to kill myself. Why? Because, he was all I had, and now that he's gone, I don't have a reason to live. 

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