Cinderallen (Cinderella)

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Part One

"Cinderallen! Cinderallen get down here!"

The blonde boy slowly moved, stretching and curling back into a ball, falling asleep once more.

"CINDERALLEN GET YOUR LITTLE BUTT DOWN HERE!" The blonde's step father called.

"That's not my naaaaame," the blonde whined sleepily, rolling over. He didn't dare say it loud enough for his step father to hear him, scared of what would happen.


The blonde groaned, sighing. "ONE SECOND!" He called. He slowly sat up in bed, pulling himself up so that his pillow was against his back. Rubbing his eyes for a moment, he opened his eyes slowly, revealing big, bright blue eyes to the world. He was about to fall asleep sitting up before he remembered his step fathers threat. He quickly popped out of bed, slipping his clothes on. He quickly ran down the stairs and to the kitchen where he saw his step father and his two step twin brothers.

"About time Cinderallen, I've been calling you for a long time, make your brother's breakfast," his step father said, taking a drink of his coffee.

"Yeah and try not to burn it this time," one of the twins said, Derek to be exact. Even though they were twins, they both acted and looked completely different, they were fraternal twins. Derek had dark brown hair, while Adam had bright red hair.

"I swear I could use the pancake you made me last week as a hockey puck," Adam said.

"Well yo-" The blonde almost said, but stopped when his step father sent him a look. "I'm sorry. I'll try not to burn it this time."

"Good boy, Cinderallen," Derek said, smirking.

"That's not my name..." The blonde said lowly.

"Excuse me? What was that?" Derek asked, smirking even more. The blondes step father looked at him like a hawk, watching his every move.

"N-nothing," he said, turning around and started making the twins pancakes.

"That's what I thought, gay boy," Derek said, leaning forward over the small island and slapping the blonde's bottom.

"Derek that's enough," his father ordered. Derek looked over his shoulder to him, nodded, and turned back around, getting on his phone.

The blue eyed boy was angry. Angry at his step brother, angry at his step father, just angry. His name wasn't Cinderallen, it's just Allen. He didn't like it when they called him Cinderallen, it made him really angry.

"Are you almost done Cinderallen?!" Adam yelled impatiently.

Allen put two pancakes onto two plates, grabbed them, turned around and placed them in front of his step brothers. Derek sighed, "finally, I thought I would have had to get up and make them myself."

"Wouldn't that be awful?" Allen mumbled sarcastically.

"Hurry up and eat boys, we got a princess to meet," Allen's step father said.

"Don't you mean us, Adam and I?" Derek asked, shoving a fork full of pancakes into his mouth.

"Yeah whatever, just hurry up," he said, rolling his eyes.

"Step father, can I come?" Allen asked.

"Why would you want to meet a princess? To go shopping and get your nails done?" He chuckled. "Of course you can't go."

Allen signed, turning around and started to make himself some pancakes. Since the twins like big pancakes there barely ever a lot left over for him, but he didn't care, he doesn't eat that much anyway. He just got down making them and put them on a plate when the twins got down with their plates, meaning he had to take care of them. He did so, which made his pancakes get cold.

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