The wedding of silence

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Wearing a white silk negligee embroidered with gold, closed with a thick striped gold and white belt knotted on the side, her long curly hair free, Yiris could still keep her calm.

She felt like a prey caught in a trap ...
Although ... no ... As prepared, she felt rather condemned, ready to be sacrificed ...

Indeed, her fate was sealed. As to choose between that and death, she was not stupid. That said, her pride had suffered ...

For her, who had built herself over the years, owing her salvation to the in-extremis marriage request of a Prince was like a humiliating surrender.
She saw again herself, chained, dressed in her outfit stained with blood ...

Even now, she was surprised that Van had agree with to his brother and celebrate this incredible union that offered her a providential immunity while she had attempted to the life of Hitomi.

Concerning the rest of the events, it was obvious that the argument of non consummation would be the first used against her.
Lying was possible but, as the Sovereign had said, it was now necessary to be honest and assume her acts ...
To assume what this wedding involved.

Look lost, plunged into the crackling flames of the chimney, Yiris feared what was going to happen to her.

Suddenly, brief visions of the attempted rape of which she had been victim when she was fourteen years old passed trougth her mind ... But she tried to ignore them!
Folken wasn't Dirken, she knew it ... In spite of everything, the discomfort was there.

Ironically, Yiris compared herself to the Greek Goddesses Athena and Artemis, as well as to the Amazons, knowing that those latters could only taste the pleasures of the flesh after having already killed someone, which wasn't her case ...

Thinking about it, she had relied on her culture by choosing to not be approached by a man in order to preserve her warrior status.
This era was over. However, she hoped that this wouldn't have too many consequences on her authority with her soldiers ...

To change her mind, she thought of all the jokes of the Madam of her brothel about the subject.
The racy discussions between the experienced prostitute who became a "Madam" and her boss still ignorant about the subject were often very flowery ...

A few minutes before, Mila told her a great speech about this moment. Before leaving, she had taken her in her arms and had whispered in her ear.

"You're strong, but show that you can be tender too. From what I understood from a friend who knew this man a long time ago, he is a very correct person, not one of those brutes who fill the coffers of our business. So, I beg you, try to enjoy this night, men are not barbarians and you are not a victim!"

Those last words had deeply moved her. Mila was precious for her and she thanked the King for being kind enough to grant her this comforting presence given the circumstances.

With the help of her friend, the young woman felt better, even if a frightened teenager anxiety persisted in her heart.
A visible fear, betrayed by the nervously way which she twisted her locks of hair around her fingers ...

Suddenly the door opened and Folken appeared. Dressed in a casual outfit, a simple linen trousers, a green shirt knotted with a cord, all surmounted by a long beige jacket, he seemed totally calm. In total contradiction with the panic that seized her.

He advanced towards his wife, Looking into her eyes, with that strange intensity that characterized him so well.

Terribly embarrassed, she couldn't bear his gaze.

It was when she felt his presence very close to her, that she resigned herself and looked up at him.

"Here we are." He says. "I don't think there is any need to discuss about the situation and what is expected of us."
"Effectively no..." Yiris answered, turning away again.

Folken sighed, the young woman thought she perceived a slight tremor in his breathing.

"I'm sorry that it has come to that. But he verdict would happen soon, it was the only possibility I had found, so I used it. Y
ou saved my life and preserved my memory, to avoid you from an unjust death was the minimum that I had to make to pay my debt."
"I know, no need to talk about it again. The end justifies the means, I'm one of the first to think this way."

There followed a moment of silence, interrupted by the crackling of the fire.

"Right!" Folken said, still calm. "Let's do what we have to do."

He wanted to come closer, but she stepped back instinctively.
In the depths of her mind, she cursed herself for showing so puerile, so weak ...

"Sometimes ... I'm stupid ..." She said with a nervous laugh.
"No ... I don't think so!" He replied.

Surprised by these remarks, Yiris raised her head. Perplexed, she stared at her husband without saying anything. Definitely, he was a strange man.
On his side, Folken understood why his brother had warned him. As strong as she was, his wife was haunted by demons from the past.

"Listen, I know what this Dirken made you suffer. He wanted to make you pay for your refusal to submit to him. I understand that it left traces ..."

Moved by these words, Yiris smiled a little.

"Oh, I'm not so traumatized either. I interrupted this bastard with a good dagger in his stomach before he reached his goal. And, nevertheless, I am an ex-owner of brothel, certainly a chance due to a duel won, but a fact!"
"You say ex-owner?"
"Yes, I gave my establishment to Mila, she deserved it."
"What a pity, it would have been fun to see the reaction of the clergy against a brothel in the royal domain ..."

In a good-natured laugh that she couldn't retain, the young woman continued in a lighter tone emphasizing her singing Greek accent.

"This is not wrong, I always tend to want to act fast, I should have waited!"
"We don't hear you laughing heartily more often, while you have a pleasant laugh."

Troubled, Yiris came back on the defensive, to the dismay of Folken.

"In any case, with my status, she resumed, compromising me in an intimate relationship with a man could lead to unfortunate consequences.
Although I'm a general, in the eyes of all, I remain above all a woman. If I had had a lover, I would have become a bitch ... Also, it had the risks I took if the guy betrayed me and talk about my intimacy in detail to everybody."
"Everyone is not like that ..." Folken said, wishing to clear a point.
"You are talking about Hylden, I presume. You're wrong, I can swear to you that our greatest intimacy moment was a kiss so light that this would characterize as a breath, and that happened ten years ago. In any case, I have principles, and I had no desire to become the lover of a married man."
"Yes, but the thought crossed your mind."
"I admit it ... " She replied in a voice almost inaudible. "But ..." She added with assurance, "I know that from now on, my attitude must be irreproachable. Therefore, I will be careful not to give way to any ambiguity. I'll do my part of the deal."
"Me, too, be sure. I have more things to do than before woo girls, I have seduced enough when I was a teenager ..." Folken answered, amused.

A little shared laughter relaxed the atmosphere again. Then, regaining his seriousness, the Prince placed his hand on the cheek of Yiris, who became petrified like a statue of salt.

"Don't worry, I will not defile your honor. You have watched over my memories, I owe you more than life!"

The young woman nodded, Folken seemed to be an honest man after all.
Then she relaxed, closed her eyes and dropped her arms, dangling, along her body.

This vision moved the Prince who felt that the young woman had made a lot of effort to keep her calm.
To see her like a condemned person in front of her executioner pained him deeply.

He stroked her hair, only a few nervous trembling betrayed that he didn't touch a rock with a human face.

As his hand began to touch the shoulder through the cloth of the negligee, he saw the eyebrows suddenly twitch, and a tear that was beginning to flow on the young woman's cheek.

Yiris would stay strong, she shouldn't collapse!

At this moment, he wanted to stop everything ... But the problem would only be rejected later. Once consumed, this marriage would be legally indisputable.

It needed to be done ...

He looked at her, and the more he detailed her, the more a strange sensation invaded him. Despite of the mutilations, she was a pretty woman, a little voluptuous, with fine features, just a few wrinkles at the edge of the eyes betrayed her age.
If life had spared her all these horrors, she would have become very pleasant to men.

Suddenly he remembered her bloody body following the battle of the lake and the smile she had thrown before finally collapsing.
Then he saw her again when he regained consciousness after the long nightmare that had made her past.

And this tender expression she had at that moment, the first thing he had seen when he opened his eyes. ..

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