Screenplay (movie script)

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Eftos Ent. official bulletin:

it can be confirmed, that the movie script (screenplay) of the epos is here.

this document includes character-relations, earth-locations, timeframes, the soundtrack and casting. there are also precise acting instructions.

further details are posted on and in the official forum.

Kingdom of a thousand™ last book on earth.

Due to bankruptcy of the genre Eftos started 2039 to write his own sci-fi saga.

Unlike the opposition, Eftos intentionally uses no voodoo like time machines, beings of light or prophecies.

These facts led to the original creation of the

Tunnel Sci-Fi Trilogy (Eftos-Epos) Kingdom of a thousand

This trilogy is a science-fiction saga consisting of the following original books:

(I) Kingdom of a thousand

(II) Halfworld

(III) The last crisis

It tells the adventures of three friends: Prince Henley to Westerburg, Patchara Petch-a-boon and Svinenysh Galactic.

The story takes place 213, 216 & 219 NET mediantime in the Kingdom of a thousand.

Each book consists of the adventures of the children, embedded in a futuristic sci-fi world of old.

That is the reason why each book comes as youth- and adultedition.

Certain sci-fi details are mentioned only in the books of man.

Kingdom of a thousand characters, names, places, technologies & indicia are absolute © & ™ Eftos Ent. All rights reserved.

Kingdom of a thousand™ made for one.

A happy message to all english speaking natives. The Kingdom of a thousand is german only. Yes, you can clear off.

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