Chapter 14: Trouble or not?

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Blaire's POV
"Those kids are trouble." Chad said looking at Mal Jay and Mitch who were chatting about something who knows what.

"Come on, Chad. Give them a chance." Ben told him.

Well here we go again.

If you guys are still not able to guess what's happening then let me explain.

Ben, Audrey, Chad, Ryan and apparently I am having a "talk" on whether the vks are evil or bad or normal or good or just amazing and well I guess it's kind of easy to know who is supporting what.

Yeah exactly. They didn't even do anything to even be getting a chance for!

"Oh. No offense, Bennybear and future sister in-law," Audrey started.

Hey, don't call me that. I don't want you as a sister in law. Specially after the fact that I was started to ship Ben and Mal.

".... but you both are just too trusting. Look, I know your mom fell in love with a big nasty beast who turned out to be a prince. But with my mom, the evil fairy was just the evil fairy. That girl's mother." Audrey finished her blah blah blah speech.

"Well technically you yourself said her mother. If it was Maleficent herself then maybe it would've been a threat. But those guys are harmless, well at least until I am keeping my eyes on them."

"What if those guys hurt you?" Ryan asked me.

He's kind of a caring guy and I honestly don't know why he's supporting the boring AKs. I mean yeah, I am an Ak too, but a boring one. (I know that I mentioned him as a villain but trust me. He really is a villain. We'll just get to know about his plans later on.)

"They would never do that. I know them atleast this well to know that they won't hurt a friend. And they're not foolish enough to hurt the princess of Auradon, they know the coincidence." I said as smiled thinking of all the ways I've injured the vks at the isle.

Fun memories.

"Well guys I have to go. Bye!" Ben waved as he left and then the group separated.

But I have different plans.

Plans to spy on my dear brother because well, I am bored. I mean that's the only reason I was hanging out with the boring AKs.

"Hey!" Ben greeted Mal.

Oh! More of my ship!

"Hey." Mal said rather less energetically.

That's normal.

"How was your first day?" Ben asked her.

Seriously bro? How was your first day? That's the most boring sentence I have heard this entire century.

"Super." Mal said sarcastically though I am not so sure if Ben's thick brain understood that.

"You should really think about taking this talent off the locker and into art class. I could, uh, sign you up. What do you think?" Ben asked her.

Oh my god, can my idiot of a brother stop being so awkward?!

"Blaire, what are you doing?" I heard which caused me help in surprise as I was definitely not expecting that.

"Mitch, what the heck! You scared me!" I exclaimed.

"Aww, is the Princess Blaire scared? I thought you were really tough." Mitch said to me a smirk causing me to roll my eyes.

"What do you want now?" I asked him.

"Let me think, what do I want, what do I want? Hmm. Oh yeah, I want to know that what are doing hiding behind MY locker?" He asked me.

"Oh, that, well I was spying on our siblings because I technically don't have anything better to do." I told him.

"Oh is that so? What if I tell your big brother about this?" He asked me a mischievous grin.

"Oh you are not going to do that!" I threatned him.

"And what are you going to do if do, tiny little girl?" He asked me in a teasing manner.

"Oh you are so dead!" I exclaimed as he started to run away with me chasing him like as if we are kids.

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