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this whole chapter was so influenced by heartbeat I'm literally thinking of changing the name of the book.


Jimin was worried

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Jimin was worried.
It's been a long time since he was worried.
There was never a real reason for him to be worried.

He sighed and looked up the sky. A big storm was coming. Perfect for what was about to go down, he thought. It was almost like other vampires were controlling the weather even though that was impossible to do on that scale. And only Jimin's family was known for possessing that ability.

Jimin sighed. He didn't want this to be happening. Not like this. But he could only do so much. It pained him, but the other vampires made their decision despite his protests. And if he wants to keep his position he needs to go with it, for now. And do something about his hunger right away.

He was strolling the streets without a certain destination. The rain was pouring and he was carrying an umbrella just for show. He was hungry and thirsty and he needed blood. But he had blood at home and something was pulling him toward one peculiar place. It was some restaurant, not the kind he usually went to. He read the sign: Panda Express. Good enough I guess.

He walked in and quickly put away the unneeded umbrella.

He scanned the empty restaurant, save for the staff and two boys. One of them was turned towards him and their eyes met.

Jimin stopped. Everything stopped. His whole world just froze.

Except for his heart. His heart. It was beating. He could feel his heart beating. He could hear it. But that was impossible. He was a vampire ─ his heart doesn't beat.

Am I losing my mind? This can't be happening. His thoughts were short and scrambled and he felt unnatural. Somehow, he found the strength to stop thinking and focus on what was happening around him.

The other boy was now also turned around and was also looking at him. Jimin cursed in his mind. His heart was beating louder. And faster. He felt himself getting warmer by second, blood flowing through his veins. The pounding of his heart was so deafening, he felt like everyone else was hearing it too.

His body moved on his own and he sat at the table, barely realizing it, his eyes never leaving the two boys.

His heart was on fire. But he calmed down the second those boys started speaking. They weren't loud, not at all, but Jimin had no trouble hearing what they were saying. It gave him a sense of security because he used to eavesdrop a lot, he still does, it's one of the perks of his life, and it comes so easily to him, it's his nature.

Jimin heard what they were saying, his brain storing the information but he himself was focused on them. Their voices. They calmed him down just like that, just by listening to them he felt so tranquil. It was like magic. He never experienced anything like that.

Suddenly they got up and Jimin panicked. They couldn't leave. No. Not now. Not like this. Not on this night Not on this night. They just can't. I can't let them leave.

He was desperately thinking about what he should do when one of the boys, (the one with the ash brown hair and tanned skin) tripped and Jimin's reflexes reacted. He caught him from the behind and held him firmly.

The human in his arms looked so startled, and so vulnerable that Jimin's heart was aching. And still beating, maybe even faster now, he was barely ignoring it.

And he felt the destiny. In the boy he was holding and in the other boy who tore them apart.

"I'm sorry, sir." They apologized but their words didn't sit well with Jimin.

"It's okay, boys. And no need to call me sir, I don't look that much older, do I?" Jimin didn't want them to go. After tonight they could end up being gone for good and that thought scared Jimin. He was terrified for some reason. But he kept a small smirk on his face.

He asked where they were going, trying to appear nice not wanting them to be nervous. His vampire charm worked on them and they answered him not caring he was a stranger. They really shouldn't be this trusting.

"We live outside the town so we're going before it gets worse."

Jimin nodded, agreeing that was a smart decision. The town won't be safe, not after this night, but if they're outside in the woods─ Well, it would certainly be better for them.

"Well, I hope you have a safe trip then. Go straight home and hurry up, okay?" The boys looked a bit confused by his words but still nodded, bid him goodbyes and walked out.

Jimin hoped they were going to listen to him. But he wasn't just going to let them wander off and possibly die in the bloodshed that was about to happen once the night falls.

He swiftly walked out, took a turn in a near alley and jumped up on the roof.
Jimin easily located the two boys, their scents forever imprinted in his brain.
He sneakily followed them, using his abilities to shield them from the rain and stay hidden.

Once they reached the woods Jimin had to stop. The trees weren't that tall and if he made too much noise they would notice him. It was almost dusk too, and he needed to meet the others and be there for the event. It was crucial for him to do that. He also didn't get to satisfy his craving for blood. Cursing at himself and looking around he realized that he was not far away from one of his houses.

Smirking, he used his speed to get to his house. It was one of his favorite ones; big enough, modern and extremely comfy.

He made it to one of the hidden fridges. He quickly opened it and took out a blood bag. With a loud sigh, but also with grace, he landed himself on the couch. He sank his teeth in the bag and moaned once the sweet taste hit his tongue. He had about an hour before he needed to go and he had a lot to think about.

Those two boys. It was driving him crazy. He could swear his heart was beating because of them.

"Wait!" He put his hand over the place is heart was supposed to be. But there was nothing. No heartbeat, no pulse, nothing. Like how it's supposed to be.

He relaxed again. But I wasn't imagining it back then!

"Aish, how is it even possible?!" Jimin screamed in frustration. "Vampire's don't have heartbeats except in those soulmate legends, pull yourself together, Jimin!" He tried to reason with himself but then realized what he said. 

"No way. Soulmates?! Could that be it? But those are just legends..." He paced around.

"Maybe I should ask someone?" He took out his phone but it started ringing. He answered it.

"Hey, Namjoon, I was just about to call you. Listen, you know those legends about soul─"

"Jimin, where the fuck are you?" His friend cut him off.


"We were all supposed to be here already." Jimin glanced at the clock. "Fuck."

"Language," Namjoon scolded him. Jimin rolled his eyes. "Ah, I'm sorry," he massaged his face. "I'll come right away."

"What were you even doing?"

"Doesn't matter, hyung. I'm on my way."

Soulmates, huh? Those are just empty myths. I better forget about them. After tonight there won't be any more humans to worry about anyway.

But the memories of two innocent and docile boys weren't leaving his thought for days to follow, no matter what he did.


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