Chapter 31

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Rose's pov

I was walking in my room desperately from one end to the other. No one knew what was going to happen now. Sabrina had even told us that Mason had been plotting for this for a long time now. She even told us that masons nails were made of silver now so that he could attack his enemies better. The more details she gave, the crazier they got.

We started training and preparing hard. We shifted all the pregnant woman in the pack house and along with them also all the little children. Everything going around was stressful. True to my word I was helping Alexander with everything I possibly could. All the houses which were essentially on the pack borders were emptied. We had to see to it that we had enough resources of food and water to feed everyone. Nowadays I even spent time in the office completing paperwork along with lavender on the behalf of alpha and beta when they both were training and both of them were absolutely grateful for that because that took a little bit of work load off their shoulders. My grandparents even if they are humans are trying to help in any possible way they can. They help in the farming, taking care of the kids, making food, etc.

On one such evening lavender called me in her room suddenly. She sounded serious and so I went.

I knocked on the door, she looked at me and gestured to sit on a chair in front of her. 'What is the matter lavender?' I asked her seriously. 'I really don't want this to be true but........  Sabrina has been diagnosed with cancer.'

I was horrified. 'But she is pregnant.' I whispered. 'Well the doctor has assured that the pup will be fine but if she has chemotherapy then it will be fatal for it. If we start the treatment after she gives birth it will be too late. Me and Dean don't really know what to say or think about this matter. With everything going on in the pack suddenly this comes up.' she said. Sadness was evident in her voice. 'She wants to meet you rose.' she said. I did not understand why did she want to meet me of all people. But looking at lavender I agreed because now it wasn't just about her but about her unborn child as well.

I went inside the infirmary and knocked on the door of Sabrina's room. 'Hey Rose.' Sabrina said to me with a bright smile on her face. 'Please come and sit, I wish to have a talk with you.' I walked towards her and sat by her side. 'I heard the news. It is really sad.'.  'You are a really good person, Rose. If someone who had treated me so badly had been diagnosed with cancer I would have rejoiced. It is I who should actually drop on my knees and apologise to you.' there was silence between the two of us.

'You know', age started saying, 'Ever since my childhood I always wanted to have power. I always wanted to be treated like a queen, so I thought about getting close to Alexander but alphas have a strong sense of who is their mate from the beginning even if it is not fully developed, they start getting attracted, they start having a soft corner so when I saw Alexander starting to have one for you I immedietly started brainwashing him even more about you, I wanted to increase his hatred towards you. I used to always remind him that you were the one responsible for his mother's death when you were actually not. I was desperate to be the luna.' she said and I could see her choking up.

'After you left I was still the same girl and even after you came back. I always thought money and power was everything but all of it changed after meeting my love Liam. I am ready to even be a omega now if I can have him back. But he has gone to a place so far away that no matter how much I try to find him or wait for him he will never come back. All I really wanted after meeting him was a normal life being a wife to him and a mother to our kids. For the first time I was dreaming about these things and my entire perspective of looking at this life changed... Because of him but now.. ' she trailed off and tears started flowing out of her eyes. I was trying to hold mine back.

'He used to always say, regret and ask for forgiveness from your mistakes or the moon goddess sees to it that you get punished. I guess that's what is happening to me now. I never regretted if asked for forgiveness from you. I destroyed your mate bond with Alexander by brainwashing him. I took advantage of his teenage immaturity and all that happened next was because of me. This is the best punishment for me Rose. I will never to get to live a life with my mate or will never get to know this little angel growing inside me.' she said putting a hand on her stomach.

'I just have one favour to ask of you Rose.' She said holding my hand. 'I know it's too late but please forgive me if you can. And please don't let my baby pay for my mistakes. Please don't let anyone judge him or her because of me. Please tell that baby that his or her dad was a brave and kind person and that how he or she should be too. Don't ever tell my baby the reality about me but please just tell him or her that mommy loved her baby a lot. I know that as the luna of the pack you can do that. Please.' at this point of time tears were flowing out of my eyes. Sure, I used to hate her a lot but I had never once wished for something do bad to happen to her.

'Are you sure you don't want to try chemo?' I asked her in a choked voice.
'The doctor said it might harm my baby.' she replied. 'And at least as long as i am alive I don't want to let any harm come its way. I just want to live long enough so that I can deliver him as a healthy baby. This is the best thing I could do. This angel is a proof that my mate once existed, our love towards one another once existed.' she said looking down towards her stomach and running her hand on it. 
'I want to live the rest of my days happily. I want to repair my relations with my family and with the rest of the pack. I also want to see Mason defeated so that I know that my mate's sacrifice didn't go to waste.' I nodded at her response. 'Don't worry, this baby, it will bring joy and prosperity along with it to the pack, I am sure.' I replied. I saw her crack a genuine smile and I smiled back. During her pregnancy she should not have any kind of worries. 'Take care. I will send lavender to talk with you.' I said and got up to leave.

'Rose.' she said softly. 'Please don't let my foolishness destroy your life with your mate. Alexander, he really loves you. He was like a living corpse after you left. I was the one responsible and I will always be.' she said slowly.

I smiled at her and said, 'Sabrina, I forgive you. Take care of yourself and the baby. I will see to it that no harm or stress comes your way. I will send someone with food. Dont  miss out on the nutrition because you and the little angel need it. Stop thinking about all the negative things now.' I said and waved a goodbye.

While leaving the infirmary I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I have now decided to put a closure on my past. Me, Alexander, these all things can be thought about later. Right now I was the greatest warrior's daughter, I was the luna of this pack and my only aim now was to protect it. Against Mason.

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