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Pen Your Pride

Jack’s eyes held mine, something burning beneath the surface, something we couldn’t speak of, not even here in my dreams. Alice Cooper’s ‘Poison’ was playing in the background.

His nails were black, his eyes lined in it too. Here he was everything I had ever imagined; my lover, my soul mate, my friend. I had bared my soul to him and he loved me for it. We had no secrets; there was no distance between us, physical or emotional.

He moved closer, his eyes always on mine, head tilted. He parted his lips slightly. His breathing was ragged and shallow. I could hear mine was the same, my chest full of sighs and whispers.

We were in a large, dark room full of candles. Columns and pillars surrounded us like something out of a Greek temple or ancient castle.

The walls were limestone or marble, the flickering lights giving them a haunting but beautiful cast. It must have been a large bedchamber, with huge ornate rugs covering the floors, but I was distracted from the details.

He gently brushed my hair from my eyes, my back against the wall, but I had no desire to move away from him. I ached for him, his skin, his taste, his warmth.

I knew I was wearing a dress which was something I never did in my waking life. It was a beautiful organza style with white satin and a red corset style bodice tied with ribbons. My hair was also bound with the blood red satin.

He was dressed in a similar fashion, a black crushed velvet tail coat with a ruffled white shirt beneath it. Where did this come from? I’d never been one for the cheesy erotic fantasy of bodice ripping and men in tall hats, or maybe I was. This was my subconscious after all.

His fingers ran across my jaw and down my nose, tracing my eye lids and lashes. He watched me as though I were the most precious thing in the world, almost as though he was afraid to touch me.

My god it hurt. It would hurt even more when I woke up and I was alone, I would enjoy this whilst I could.

He sighed and nuzzled into my neck, his warm breath on my throat caused me to shiver, the anticipation almost killing me. A sigh escaped my lips. His eyes locked onto mine again, my heart was racing, my skin screaming out for his touch.

His mouth moved with words I couldn’t hear, his voice like shadows and feathers.

He dipped down against my neck again, his teeth grazing my collarbones. It was bliss. My senses were so alive and full of him, his scent, and the way the candle light played against his face, showing the planes and valleys, the soft yellow glow making his eyes greener than I had ever seen them.

“My god you’re beautiful.” He sighed into my ear, his chest pressed against mine, his heart pounding like mine was.

I could feel his teeth nibbling my ear lobe, so very gently I couldn’t stop the moan escaping my lips. I tilted my head back as his lips searched my throat, his hands upon my waist.

He ran his palms across the soft material of the corset, his fingers tangled in the ribbons that bound me.

He looked into my eyes, asking for permission before softly tugging at the end of my satin chains.

A hand brushed the dress from my shoulders, his lips following, soft, warm and wet.

He gathered my hair in his hands and buried his face in it, breathing deeply as I entwined my fingers in his, pulling his head up as my lips searched for his hungrily.

I melted at his touch; my mouth fitting his perfectly, soft moans leaving mine and entering his as he ran his fingers up my spine.

Suddenly I was in his arms and he was carrying me, a four poster bed in the corner of the room, its curtains the same bloody hue as my dress. He brushed them aside as he laid me down, staring at me, his eyes full of pain and longing. I knew it was the same look mine held; we understood each other perfectly in that moment. There was no need for words, but I longed to hear his voice, hear it breath my name, tell me he loved me and worshipped me, because here, he did.

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