{g.d} tease

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Thats all grayson could feel as y/n starting moving her hand against his manhood, which layed semi- hard in his basketball shorts.

Grayson groaned and threw his head back as y/n squeezed his cock. Grayson, now bucking his hips into her small, fragile hands begged for more, and freedom for his now rock hard and red cock.

Y/n now realizing Graysons wants and needs stop touching him. Leaving him with no pleasure, but pain.

"Y/n please, please keep going, please i love you." He cried.

"Hmm, maybe next time dont tease me, then i wont tease you." She hissed back at him.

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Yikes I can't write smut

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Yikes I can't write smut.

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