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I feel something wet on my face. What is it? I open my eyes n see my Steve licking my face. Steve is my Labrador. He is two years old n adorable as hell. I get up n start taking a shower. After that I go down n I'm meet with my enthusiastic mom, n my stern looking father. My baby is going to a new school! she hugs me kisses all over my face. Don't treat him like a baby. He is a grown man. says my dad. I sigh heavily n pick up my bag. I hug my mom one last time n start making my way to my old car.

Remember son, don't get involved with drugs, women, or alcohol. says oh so loving father. I'm about to get in my car when I see someone. They are where jogging clothes but their face is covered with a hood. Without paying much attention I get in my car n dive off.

I get to my new school n start making my way to the office. I approach the office lady who would be anywhere but in this school. Name? she asks. Elijah. I reply. After a few minutes she hands me my schedule. I then start finding my first class. Hey new bee! You lost? An African American guy comes up to me. "Hey you lost?" " Yeah, kind of". I say. He takes a look at my schedule. "Hey you know what, come I'll take you there". With that we both start walking. "So, whats your name, new bee?" he asks me. "Elijah." I tell him. "Nice. Mine is Sam". Few minutes we arrive at a class room. "This is your stop". Sam says. "Thanks man." suddenly Sam becomes stiff as a brunette pass by. "Hey you ok?" I ask him. "Just stay away from her". he says in a serious tone. "Ok...?" I say in a doubtful tone. "Listen we will take later during lunch. Ok?" "Ok". I agree to him.

Classes went by normal. I meet a few more people. Everyone seems nice here, there are no cliché jocks, mean girls, or anything like that. Then finally the bell rang for lunch break. I went to the cafeteria n bought some lunch. Then I went to sit with Sam, n there is a pretty girl beside him. "Hey man" Sam greets me. "Hey." I say. "Oh this is my girlfriend, Rue." he introduces his girlfriend. "Nice to meet you." I say to her. Rue has a very cute round face, with a small nose n big lip. She also has a nose ring as well. So, whats the deal about this girl? I asked them both.

Sam looks at Rue nervously n then speaks, "The thing about this girl is that this girl is that, she is mad. Like really mad. Rue here is her friend." I looked at Rue n then she started speaking, "When Elvira was a small girl, she was weird, she would talk to herself all alone, she would harm herself, n..... then something happened." Rue thinks for a minute n speaks, "This one time a boy was troubling her, so Elvira stops walking, face that boy, n kicks him in the balls. She then proceeded to harm all his friends. Before that Elvira had never lifted a finger on anyone. So this behavior from her was really shocking."

I looked at them both and shifted a little in my seat because of the uneasiness. "Guys I dont see why this feels weird to you. I mean she protected herself. If anything, you all should appreciate the brave step she took for herself." I look at them both n they are looking at me like I'm crazy. "She had never even shouted on anyone, n suddenly she is all Karata ninja?! Elijah, dont you see how abnormal it is?" Rue looks for an answer n so does Sam. I shrug my shoulders n say," Maybe she watched a ninja movie." they both look at me like I have grown three heads. I then quietly heard someone giggle. I turn in my seat n see a brunette wearing an oversized hoddie, and over-sized jeans. Her hair is pulled back in a bun and she is not wearing any makeup. Not even lip balm. She lifts up her eyes n looks at me.She stars at me with so much intensity that I almost feel my body go numb. That's when I knew I'm a goner.

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