Preview of Pepper and Longstreet's, The Legend of Ol Red Eyes

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Where the hell was Longstreet?

Gulping back her fear, she swung the iron at the apparition before it was fully formed, the red eyes having not yet appeared.

A howl of pain erupted from the demon as it disappeared in apoof of smoke.

“Longstreet!” she cried as she turned and ran for all she was worth down the hill. Within seconds however, she heard the sound of pursuit behind her, accompanied by a fierce growl.

Grabbing the iron tool in her right hand, she swung it blindly behind her, apparently connecting with her pursuer as another angry, painful wail ensued.

“Longstreet! This isn't funny Longstreet,” she cried out again as she once more heard the sound behind her. Just as she could see the low fence spreading out in front of her…she tripped!

Dropping the fireplace poker in her fall, Pepper immediately rolled onto her back, her arms frantically searching for the iron tool as Ol’ Red Eyes rose above her to the full of his seven foot stature, the glowing red eyes now blazing. Raising the head of the giant double-headed ax above his head, he let out a howl of satisfaction as Pepper closed her eyes for the last time.

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