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Warning, sexual words down below, it's not a lemon but like.....whatever.

Y/n pov
I walked alone, I was bothered..
tea made me waste time, now I have 2 weeks and 6 days left.
I made it to the game shop right before dark and waited.....
And waited...

And waited.....

Yami wasn't coming home, he wasn't answering his phone too...
He's probably sleeping with another girl
"Who's that!?"
Hes sleeping with Tea! He loved her more than you.
Yami doesn't like you at all....

Shit, I'm probably schizophrenic now.
Shut up!
shut up!!!!!

I bang my head against the stopped.

I'm going to bed.....
I woke up...but I was in a dark room....not the game shop.
Yami's mind again. I looked around and heard a sweet voice.

"Wow, he wasn't kidding, how did you end up here?"
"The key."
"Where's Yami?"
"He didn't tell you? He's seeping over a tea's."

"I'm sorry y/n."
"It's ok...if he wants to, then he can."
"I'm sure Yami will come back in the morning-AHHH!" Yugi collapsed.

"What do you mean?"
"Gah......just.....hes at tea'"

"Can you check wats happening?!"
"....she's tying us up...."
"No way! I'll go get her."
Yugi looked to his side and nodded, and turned into Yami.

"I can't remove the knot, and I have to hurry...."
"She has a gun!"

"Just don't go to"
Yami changed back into Yugi.

I opened my eyes and ran as fast as I could outside.
"Y/n, where are you going?" Asked gramps.
"Ok, just be safe, he bites."

I secretly grab the bat from behind the door and run. Then I stopped.
Her house is 4 miles away from mine.

Yami pov
"Aww Yami, I love you!"
"Go to hell Tea."
"You shouldn't have went with y/n."
"What's wrong with that? She's just my friend."
"Oh yeah?"

She slapped me, but it was weak...I didn't say anything though.
"Tell me that you love me."
"Your fucking crazy."
"Aww honey."
"What do you want from me?"
"Never speak to that slut again!"

"Fuck you."
"....Tea...what are you doing."
"Removing your clothes silly."
"Yeah I found that funny too" she chuckled.

She aimed for my shirt, ripping it in half.
"Fuck you this was expensive."
"I'll buy you another."
She aimed for my pants, I struggled. But she held me down.
Aw I had left was my boxers.

"Let's remove that-"
"Oooh! My ramen is done! Be back in like 20 minutes I'm going to eat it."
She walked away and closed the door. I struggled trying to break the rope with my teeth.
"Ow....I think I broke my back...."

"Y/n?..." I whispered.
"Huh? O hey ya-......"
She turned around....oh god she's seeing me half naked.
".....hi." I Said stupidly.

"Did you guys.....I mean I can leave."
"No! Please don't."
She sighed and covered her eyes, she untied the rope.
"Shit, this knot is almost impossible, it could take me five minutes or more."
"Just hurry...."

Y/n pov
The entire time he was blushing. Can't blame him..he's naked.
I wanted to stare at his innocent self, all naked..but I shook my head.
I'll never have him anyways.
"I'm almost done I think..."

I could hear him muttering something to himself.
"Your okay right? She didn't hurt you to much?"
"No mot really."
"Are you sure? Ugh, this is my fault, I shouldn't have started all this, you would be safe."
"It's not y/n."

"Listen, let's end the game early.....I'll plan on never talking to you after this..."
"WHAT?" He shut himself up.
"Because I talk to you, your always into trouble, my dad, and now Tea."
"No buts.....I'll go back home."

"I'm sorry...." I was nearly done, unfollowing I heard footsteps.
"She's coming!"
"I need more time!"
"Hide behind the couch!"

I ditched the rope and hid myself, the door opened and revealed the bitch.
"Hey baby I'm back."
"Ok, so where were we?"
I saw Yami finishing up the rest of the rope.

I grabbed onto my bat. Yami was staring at me and for some reason, his eyes widened.
I ignored that and payed attention.
"So, I need you to help me."
tea sat on his lap, and began shifting.

She was trying to turn him on....
She kept shifting over and over. But nothing.
Damn Yami tough...
He refrained eye contact with me for some reason and focused on Tea.
He was probably embarrassed.

"Come on, be a good boy."
"How about be a good woman and get the fuck off me. Your not turning e on with that 'used' body,"
Damn. Yami Savage...
"I saved myself for you."
Tea began to move the boxers.
"W-WAIT! I need a....condom..."

"I forgot!"
"And lube....and maybe a few other things....handcuffs?" He winked.
"Finally starting to like me?"
"Yeah...I should have realized...."
"More than y/n?"

"M-more than y/n."
"You must be turned on...."
"Why don't you have a bulge?"

I laughed and covered my mouth.
"What are you doing here?"
"Uuuuuh.....saving Yami...."

Tea got off of him, thank god, she started walking towards me.
I gripped my bat and swung.
She got hit.
"UGH!" She grabbed my bat and through it out the window.

She punched my stomach.
"Y/N!" Yami cried out.
We fought a shit ton, until finally, Tea had me over the window.
"Any last words bitch." Tea chuckled.

She gripped my neck over the window frame, threading to let me fall.

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