Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven:

Daniela’s POV:

“I thought I had asked you to knock before entering my rooms, Cassey!” I complained as she sat on my bed.

I, by now, had gotten up and was standing in front of my window with my arms crossed tightly over my chest. I had a scowl planted on my face.

“Oh, calm down Miss Cranky pants,” She made a face.

I sighed and sat down in one of my chairs. She flipped herself over to the other side of my bed. I waited to hear what she had to say. She had to of had a reason for walking in without knocking.

“So, you know Levent, and all that right?” She kept her head down, though I could see a slight pink-ish color appearing on her cheeks. Oh, Lord here we go.

“Yes, I know him, why?” I sat up straight some, not liking this topic already.

“How do I get him to, uhm, ask me out?” She hesitated some.

I blinked as my expression turned cold. I knew I didn’t like this topic. I hated it.

“Dani?” She looked up at me this time when I didn’t respond yet.

“You should,” I took a deep breath and continued. “You should just be yourself and hope he asks you out, I guess.” The last part came out as a mumble.

I didn’t know why, but I was suddenly jealous of her. Why would she want to go out with him? She doesn’t go for guys like him usually. She normally goes for the jocks that turn out to be bullies.

“Thanks! You’re the best!” She jumped up and smiled. She practically ran out of my room. She even forgot to shut the door afterwards.

With another sigh, I pushed myself up from the chair and went to shut the door. It shut with a click and a low thud.

I then went back to my bed. I was, of course, studying for this Friday’s test in History. I studied for the rest of the night, and then went to bed around 9 or so. I once again had a dreamless sleep. It set my mind and body at ease.

It seemed as if minutes went by before my alarm clock awoke me the next day. I mumbled some incoherent words to myself and got up. I walked to the bathroom like every morning.

I fixed my hair and pulled it up in a ponytail today. I left my bangs down and a few loose pieces fell from the ponytail. I put my makeup on and then my glasses. I got dressed and grabbed my backpack, and then headed downstairs.

I skipped breakfast this morning and headed outside into the cool morning air. I walked along the sidewalk and proceeded to subconsciously stop right in front of Levent’s house. I once again peered into the windows. Nothing.

I sighed and willed myself forward. I thought of what Cassey and I had talked about last night. Why she wanted to go out with him, I would probably never know the answer to. I would have thought she didn’t even like the type of guy he was. Boy was I wrong.

Before I had known it, I was walking up the stairs into the school. People were starting to arrive now.

I walked to my locker, entered the combination code, and got my English and Reading book for my first class. I shut my locker and came to find that Cassey was talking to Levent at his locker.

I stood there at mine, close enough to hear them talking.

“Hey Lev, I was, uhm, wondering if you wanted to go out with me this Friday?” I saw Cassey’s cheeks turn slightly pink again.

“I don’t date,” He glared down at her, and turned to walk away.

“Well, have you dated before?” Cassey easily kept pace with him.

“Yes,” It came filled with coldness and hatred. Wonder why, I thought to myself.

“So… would that be a yes?” Cassey’s eyes filled with hope.

“Uh, I just said yes…” He said without turning to look at her.

Cassey squealed and ran over to me, babbling her head off about the whole thing. All I could do was stand and stare at her. How could she?

“Cassey! Shut up, just shut up!” I yelled. She stopped cold and flinched back at my sudden madness.

I clenched my teeth together and stomped off, done with what she had to say.

As I walked away furious, I heard Levent call Cassey’s name from behind me. I then heard hard footfalls padding the title floor. Of course she just had to run to him.

That just made me angrier.

By the time I had reached the classroom, I probably had steam coming out of my ears. I cannot believe SHE asked HIM out. After I had said to just wait for him to ask her out!

I then thought of something. Why was I so angry if she asked him out and he said yes? Why would I even care if he said yes? Could I be falling for him? I certainly hope not.

I calmed myself down some and took my seat. I saw Cassey enter the room with sadness in her eyes. Levent entered after her, his usual cold, hard expression on his face with a slight smirk.

I glared at him while he walked past me to get to his seat. His expression turned to confusion very quickly.

I just turned and stared at the white board in front of me and waited for the teacher to arrive to start the class.

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