chapter 12: blue cheese

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thanks for 444 reads everyone!!! i actually saw 443 and then 448 so the time lords skipped past 444 reads!!!!!

(when i was making the chapter cover i nonstop laughed at beanos for 4 minutes straight beanos is not fucking funny but here i laugh anyways 🅱️ruh)

"ok guys we're at rome now." mista said. "let's get on the shore when those dumbass drunks go away." narancia said. "i cant piss here brooo." drunk person number 1 said. "bro just piss in the mailbox!!" drunk person number 2 said and pissed in the mailbox. "aahhh." the number 2 drunk guy said. then he pulled the other guy off the trash can and he fell the fuck apart. "what the fuck where is my dick!???" drubk guy number 1 said. "hhh ur infected with sugondese get away from me!!!!" the numbrr 2 drunk guy said and died of sugondese. "wHAT gte fucl is that???" narancia siad and was injured by sugondese and he got all moldy. "idk wtf this sugondese is but im gonna use our shared half a brain cell and shoot it." mista said and shot the sugondese but then he got sugondese. "hhhh my hand narancia u gave me sugondese smh." he said. "did someone say hand?????" kira yoshikage's ghost said. "wtf i said hhhh my hand because i have sugondese now." mista said to kira's ghost. "what the heck is sugondese." kira's ghost asked. "sugondese nuts hahaha gottem 😂😂😂👌👌👌." mista said with visible ok hand signs. "those ok hand signs are very provocative but you're hands are fucking ugly get awya with those hand my boner just deflated smh." kira's ghost said and vanised into thin air. "hh h h h." misga siad.

"throw the turtle narancia." bucciarati said.

"i cant throw it ow my ankle help i've fallen and i cant get up!!!" narancia said and fell cuz of the moldy sugondese.

"not funny narancia i already made that joke." mista said.

"aaaaaaaaaa." narancia cried.

"ok im smart now so im gonna use our shared brain cell for big brain time. okay 『6 9 I S T H E S E X N U M B E R』get in ur positions cuz this shits getting real." mista said.

"ok like this???" number 1 said.

"no i don't mean the 69 position. stop that. i said stop oh my god help me my stand is making me gay. no stop i like boobs im not gay even if giorno gave me a succ that was a bro moment not a gay moment stop making out oh my god we're wasting time stop okay good never do that again or im picking favorites."

"does that mean im the favorite child???" number 3 asked.

"stfu number 3 u fat fuck i love all of you equally." mista said talking to his stando.

"can u stop talking to ur imaginary friends and funcking help me im fallign u goddman schizophrenic." narancia said.

"oh yeah sure bro." mista said and shot the boat and it blew up and narancia and bucci and turtle are all good and gucci.

"that hurt bruh." narancia said. "just get in the turtle and everything will be okay." bruno mommy said. "let's steal a car uwu." bruno said. "ok." mista said and then the ground got all weird. "wtf why am i sinking oh no im gonna get sugondese now shit shit." bruno said and caught a glimse of one of the enemy stand users. and then they stole a car

enemy stand user time:
"ok secco i love u ur such a good boy uwu." cioccolata said with love. "uwu ginga gong gung ging." secco said. "aww ur so kawaii desu!!!! ilysm!!! here have some sugar cubes how many u want!?? i put extra cocaine in them this time secco!!!" cioccolata asked his pet human. "gunga ging gong." secco said. "ok im gonna toss u three can u catch all of them???" cioccolatta said. "ging." secco said. "ok here we go!!" cioccolatta said and threw the sugar cubes at secco and he got all of them!!!! "oHHH yoshi yosh yosh yosh yosh yosh gOOD BOY OMG UR SUCH A GOOD BOI UWU U DESERVE MORE CUBEd glucose!!!!!!!!" cioccolat exclamed. "weongwong gunga ginga." secco uwu'd. "ahahaha secco with my stand 『G R E E N  C U M』and your stand 『E L P R E S A D O R』we're invincable!!!!" ciocolate said. did u record those retards getting destroyed by my sugondese????" chocolate asked his dog dry. "gunga ging gong." secco said and showed chicolata the camera. "oHHHH DI MOLTO i mean YOSH YOSH YOSH YOSH YOSH YOSH YOSH!!!!" cioccolatta said and breast fed him more cubical formed glucose.

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