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                  I sat in my limo as my limo driver drove me to the airport. I would be taking the producers jet with some of the other actors. It was something New. But I was open to new. I am a famous actor of course. Plus growing up poor gave you a great insight on life also to be able to tell apart what you want and need. I come from a Italian Family. I have six older brothers. I am the only daughter and the youngest child and the little sister. I remember back in high school nobody bullied me because my brothers were tall and knew they would get their asses handed to them if they did. If I got any boyfriends my brothers, mom and dad intarogated him. My oldest brother Kyle was a wealthy Buisness owner, my second elder brother is a lawyer, my fourth older brother is a doctor, my fifth older brother is a owner of a couple clubs and my sixth older brother is contractor. Yeah I would say my family came from poor to rich. Me and my older brothers pitched in to buy our mother and father a good home near mine. Just in case something happened to them and plus they deserve it for raising us. I sipped my Mocha coffee. "We are almost there Miss Pierce." The driver said. "Thank you John. Hows the wife?" I asked him. "Great." He said. "Thats good. Does she still own the yoga place?" I asked him. "Yeah." He said smiling. "I think I will have to try out her classes. I need to move my muscles a bit. Plus I can help her get the place booming for her." I said. He smiled. "That is kind of you Miss." He said. I smiled. "You would do the same for me John." I said. He nodded. Then I turned on my phone and went on my Instagram feed. Looks like my fourth brother, Drake is at the beach with his wife, Diana. She is quite a lovely person. Speaking of which. Me, her, Violet(my first eldest brother's wife), and Jenna (my third older brothers wife), need to go shopping sometime. I have no problems with any of my sister in laws. Even though I was the youngest. When my brothers got girlfriends I got to intarogate them with our mother.
              Within an hour we were at the private airport that the producers owned. Some people were already starting to head into the plane. I  walked out of the limo, with the help of John. "I will grab your stuff Miss." He said. I nodded and headed inside. There was actors and actresses sitting on seats and drinking Champange. "Champange miss?" The waitress asked me. "Yes. Thank you." I said. She nodded and poured me a glass. I took it and took a small sip. I sat in an empty seat where people were not. I like the silence. Even though I grew up in a loud family. A guy who looked hot but screamed of arragance walked up to me. "Hello. How would you like to have sex in the bathroom?" He asked. At least he was blunt. "How about No." I said. "Do you know who I am?" He asked. I rolled my eyes. "No. And I don't care." I said. "I am a big deal!" He said getting annoyed. "Look I am sure you accomplishments are wonderful, but your diva attitude is not a good look. Maybe you will find a woman who is as fanscinated with you as you are with yourself." I said. I know how egotistical guys are. I could tell he was one of them. He stormed off in anger. I rolled my eyes. Jeez Diva much? I chuckled at that thought. A pette girl walked up to me. "Your Alyssa Pierce right?" I nodded. "Yes. You are?" I asked her. She smiled. "I am Fiona Hills. I play the sister to your character." She said. I smiled. Maybe we can be friends. She seemed nice enough. "Nice. I hope we can be friends." I said smiling. "I hope so two. I'm kinda new to the actressing buisness. I have only been in two movies. But not as high star rated as yours." She said shyly. "Well this show will be high star rated and you will defiantly be great and do great. It takes time and effort but you will get to where I am. I promise." I said smiling. She smiled. "I hope so." She said nervously.
              We ended up talking about this and that during the whole plane ride to LA.

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