Im sorry

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Y/n pov
After the lunch we got, I stayed quiet. I needed to think of a way to get closer to him.
"Y/n? Your not speaking as much as you usually do, something wrong?"
"Huh? No, just thinking....what turns you on?"
Yami blinked and turned into a shade of dark red,

He looked away hiding his face and chuckling.
"Are you asking for help?"
"Yes, is that bad? I need to get with the love of my life."
He shook his head in thought.

"....beat me in duel monsters."
"Beat me, I'll be so impressed, maybe you might lead me on."
"You promise?"
"No promises, it's just a suggestion."

"You mean queen?"
"Your Queen?:D"

Sitting down facing him, he smirked and shuffled his cards.
"Ok, let's start...I place one card face down and....put kuribo on defense position."
" y/ got me stumped...."
"I'm praying to the lords you lose."
"Very funny." He chuckled.
"But...I tribute summon, dark Magician has entered the field."
"I hate you...."

"Dark magician! Dark magic attack."
And with that, my life points were depleted.
"No wonder Seto hates you so much...."
"Well...looks like I didn't win you over like this."

"It's okay, you still have a few weeks."
"Yeah, 3."
"That's plenty."
"I'll be right back...ima use the bathroom."

Yami pov
She stood up and left. She looked so sad. Should I have went easy on her?
No, I'll lead her on and put her hopes up. I look at the field to see that she had a card faced down.
I flip it over.....mirror force...she could have won the duel! Why didn't she activate it?

I felt a sickness in my stomach. was unfamiliar though, not like the other ones.

Y/n pov
I washed my face and sighed. 3 weeks....that's all. I shook my head and composed myself.
"YOU GO Y/N!" I walk out feeling confident and I open the door.
"Hey y/n."
"Why didn't you use your mirror force?"

I smiled and tilted my head.
"Because it would be a lousy way to win you over, I want you to like me for me! Not my skill."
He blinked and smirked.
"You could have won."
"Technically I did..sort of, it's just not official."

"Oh shush, by the way, I wrote a new song, I need you to read it for me."
After reading the lyrics, he grinned.
"This is about me isn't it?"
"Maybe....."I chuckled.
"You are a genius with lyrics.."

I mentally pat myself on the back, I'm just great aren't i?
Yami frowned for some reason. He just lost his smile.
"What's wrong?"
"....I'm sorry...I wish I felt the same way y/n...I don't want to hurt you." He started tearing up.
"No no yami! I wanted to play the game, it's my consequence in the end."
"But I don't want you to feel heartbroken...please find someone else y/n."

I patted Yami on the shoulder.
"You know, I need you to believe in me. Don't feel guilty if you don't like me back."
"I promise I won't be upset at the end of the game. You have my word."
I leaned in and hugged him.

"...huh? Is that shop?" He freaked.
"Ahhh, ok, I thought you were planning on making me go in."
"I dare you."
"No." He flicked my forehead.

"You could have killed me, now I'm gonna die by the pain."
"Your so meaaaan."
"I know, I'm awesome." He chuckled.
We walked in the cute plush shop and looked around,

"What the fu-"
"Are you going to buy yourself?"

Yami Laughed and rolled his eyes.
"I'm going to buy you too."
"Why? Your already friends with the real deal."
"I need to practice my pick up lines with this."
"Oh wow."

After walking out, I saw Tea in the distance.
"LETS SAY HI." I dragged Yami.
"Hey guys...hey Yami..." tea rubbed her neck.
"Hello Tea, What are you doing here?"
"I just-whoops, I dropped my purse."

Yami and Tea both got down to grab it, but ended up touching hands instead.
Yami was red and looked away...

Yami pov
Tea smelled really bad....i could feel my face heating up from the stench.
"Thanks Yami!" She happily Said.
" problem."
I stood closer to y/n, she smelled way better...NOT LIKE IM SNIFFING HER!

I chuckle at my thought, and Tea grabbed my hand.
"So..Yami...when are you free?"
"Oh..your with y/n I see."
I looked down, I didn't want to say it out loud. I still felt bad I didn't feel anything for her.

"Nah, we're not together, we just thought it would be fun to mess around and get into trouble." She answered for me.
"OH, well, if it's not much to ask Yami....maybe you like to get some coffee?"
"Sure sounds great."
"Oh not a friend thing..."

"....a best friend?"
"A sister?"
"A girlfriend, want to maybe go out?"

Crap, I had two girls on me....I can't upset them, their my friends....
"Go ahead Yami, go on with Tea I'll be fine here." Thank gods she said that I won't feel as guilty on leaving her.
But this is still a date..with me and why would she want me to go?..I don't even want to go myself...

" sure?"
"Yeah!" She gave me a thumbs up....something was wrong.
tea pulled me next to her and walked really close to me. I looked behind me to see y/n smiling.
After a couple seconds, I looked back again...she looked so sad, the guilt washed over me.

"Tea by the way, I'm sorry but....I don't think we could call this a date...."
"Your a great friend Tea just....we could get coffee as friends you know?"
"Mmm..." she ignored me and lead me to the shop.

"So Yami, I was..........then........."
I wasn't paying attention, I was to guilty for leaving y/n like that.
Should I have stayed with her?
No...i would have lead her on...
Maybe she might give up on me...

I snapped back.
"I asked if you wanted to stay at my place?"

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