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I was standing in the kitchen making breakfast for Eloise and I when Harry walked in, and I turned around to ask, "What are you doing?"

Harry stopped walking and looked over the plated food on the counter, "What do you mean?" He coyly responded.

I looked at the clock behind him and saw that it was almost fifteen minutes until eight, which is typically when Harry darts out of the house to go to work. I even had to second guess myself on what day it was, but I was quite sure that today was Tuesday, also the first day of October. The leaves had fallen, all of the trees were bare, and every store front in town were already getting into the Halloween spirit by decorating and selling costumes, candy, and other things associated with the holiday.

I looked back over at Harry, who was eyeballing the bacon that I made mainly just for me since Eloise didn't seem to be too fond of the taste, "Shouldn't you be at work?" Harry continued staring around at all of the food in front of him, and I knew that his breakfast drink couldn't have possibly satisfied him if he was practically drooling over the simple breakfast I prepared. I sighed quietly, "You can eat if you want, Harry."

He looked up at me, "I probably shouldn't eat any of this." I knew that he wasn't going to say no, but I could see that he was trying. His hand reached out to pick up a slice of the bacon, "I'll just have this, thank you."

I just nodded my head before asking, "So are you not going to work today?"

Right after I asked him that, the doorbell rang, and I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion at who could possibly be knocking on the front door this early in the morning. Instead of questioning it, I hurried out of the kitchen to find out who was here, and Harry remained in the kitchen with Eloise. I walked up to the door and opened it up just to see a woman standing on the other side, and when we looked at each other, I could sense that there was some confusion from both sides.

"Can I help you?" I asked her, trying to mask my uncertainty and confusion with politeness and confidence instead.

"Um, does Harry Styles live here?"

I slowly nodded my head and turned around to call for Harry, but much to my surprise he was already coming this way with Eloise in his arms. Once he saw the woman standing at the door he said, "Hello, Megan."

"Hi Harry." She waved with an apologetic looking smile, "Sorry I'm early, I just wanted to make sure I could find the place."

Meanwhile, I was standing in between feeling just as confused as before, but Eloise didn't seem to mind what was going on. I didn't know what else to do but step to the side and let her come in, and she did.

I shut the door and stood around for a few more seconds while Harry and this Megan girl talked, "Oh is this your daughter?" She asked Harry in a higher pitched voice, and bent down a little bit to be at eye level with Eloise. "She's so beautiful! Wow, I can totally see the similarities."

Eloise stared squirming so much that Harry had to put her down, and she ran right over to me. "Ollie change me!"

I grabbed onto her hand and looked between Harry and Megan once again before taking Eloise to the stairs. I cleared my throat and said, "We'll just be upstairs."

Harry looked up at me, "I'll see you at lunch then."

I just nodded, and continued walking Eloise up the stairs so that we could get to her bedroom. Once inside, Eloise quickly changed out of her bed time clothes while I looked for something else for her to wear, and I finally found a cute little outfit that seemed to fit the first day of October pretty well. It was a black and white striped long sleeve shirt, a pair of blue jeans that looked so adorable on her, and a pair of black Mary Jane style flats with little bows on the toe part. After that I brushed through her curls to help make them lay better, and at her insistence, I put her hair up into a ponytail that almost resembled my own.

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