The Eight Clues

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Each of the cases were hard, however not quite difficult as he hoped. The clues were stupid, however made sense.

First Clue: I'm someone from before.

Second Clue: Someone you sent away to jail.

Third Clue: It's simple to be honest, I'm someone sophisticated.

Fourth Clue: Not a guy, but a woman.

Fifth Clue: Someone who will be rich when you obey. Someone who wants the money she lost to your no-good assistant.

The fifth clue made it obvious. Ms. Goldie Potsby-Mahan.

Sixth Clue: Now to where I am. In a building, where nobody would suspect.

Seventh Clue: Somewhere near your Mystery Room.

Eighth Clue: Underneath.


He just needed help with the location. He knew just who to ask.

He walked out of the Mystery Room and went to the Commissioner's room and knocked.

"Commissioner, I need to ask..." The voices became muffled as the Prof closed the door.


"Grr..." Lucy grumbled as Goldie blindfolded her back. She had just received a 15 minutes torturing.

"Bruce, Andy, how long does Mr. Layton have?" Goldie asked her two suitors.

"11 hours more Milady." One of the men, Lucy couldn't tell, replied.

"Excellent." Goldie grinned, "Now you stay here girl..." Lucy did a quiet whimper as she heard the door close.

'Oh Prof, where are you?'

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